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How Does The iPhone 4 Fare in iOS 7 Beta 3? Watch This iPhone 5 VS. iPhone 4 Benchmark Video

When a major iOS firmware version is released, it is only fair to expect that it will be optimized to Apple's latest devices. For the best iOS 7 experience, an iPhone 5 or iPad 4 would be your best bet. But there are devices that barely scrapes the bottom of the iOS 7 requirements. One such device is the beloved, iPhone 4. Wondering how the iPhone 4 fares when it comes to running iOS 7? Well, you have to check out this iOS 7 beta 3 performance & speed benchmark between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4.

iOS 7 Beta 3 Benchmark Test iPhone 5 VS. iPhone 4

When the iPhone 4 was released, many considered it to be the best smartphone at the time and touted as Apple's game changer. However, one can't deny that the device is already three years old. Luckily for iPhone 4 users, the device is still supported in iOS 7, which considerably extends its life span. But it's considered to be at the bottom of the iOS 7 pile. Many of you are probably wondering how's the performance of iPhone 4 in running iOS 7 beta 3. YouTube user adrianisen took the liberty to conduct a side-by-side comparison between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 while running iOS 7 beta 3.

In a not so surprising manner, the iPhone 5 pretty much trampled the iPhone 4 in both tests. In the Geekbench test, iPhone 5 scored 1672 while the iPhone 4 just managed a paltry by comparison 395 points. When tested for performance in games, the iPhone 5 showed a pretty smooth performance with steady frame rates while the iPhone 4 just lagged and stuttered its way to the completion of the test.

iPhone 5 & iPhone 4

So why even compare the two? Perhaps, these tests aren't exactly a competition to determine which device is faster in running iOS 7. The likely objective is to show the difference between the two device in terms of performance. So why choose iPhone 4 instead of the considerably powerful iPhone 4S? Well as mentioned, iPhone 4 is at the bottom of the iOS 7 pile ,so for those who owns the device, it's always helpful to know how it performs. This will help them determine whether to hold on to their iPhone 4 or it's time to purchase a more advanced model once iOS 7 drops.

Keep in mind that this is just iOS 7 beta 3 and there's a long way to go before the public release. As we go through several beta versions, you can trust that Apple will continue to optimize iO7 for older devices.

So for iPhone 4 owners, how's the performance of iOS 7 in your device? [via TUAW]

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