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How to Embed Instagram Videos & Photos on Websites & Forums?

Instagram has been churning out a good deal of significant updates as of late. Perhaps the most notable  is the ability to upload 15-second short videos which was introduced last month. For quite some time now, Instagramers have been clamoring for a way to embed content on websites and forums. While this can be achieved through various workarounds, it would be nice if you can do it the official way. Well Instagramers, fret no more. The popular photo sharing network has just released an update that will allow you to embed Instagram videos and photos.

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Keep in mind that the embedding feature is only available Instagram's web interface, so this option is not yet available for iOS and Android. In this quick tutorial, you will learn how to embed Instagram videos and photos.

Steps on How to Embed Instagram Videos & Photos on Websites & Forums:

  1. Just go to the IG profile of the person (you don't even need to be signed in). In their profile, look for the photo or video that you wish to embed. Alternatively, you can sign in to your account and view your uploads, as well as your followers.
  2. How to Embed Instagram Videos & Photos on Websites & Forums

  3. Open the photo page for the content that you want to embed. When on profile pages, clicking on the photo will bring up the photo page.
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  5. Once on the photo page, just click the share button.
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  7. Instagram will then display the HTML embed code for that photo or video. Just copy and paste the code to just about any website, and you can view the content there.

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Take note that you can change the height and width of the content to any size that you prefer. The default size is generally around 640 pixels but you can easily change this by editing the values on the code itself. Also, photos and videos that are set to private can't be embedded. Below is an example of an embedded Instagram photo.

That's pretty much it! So what do you think of this new Instagram feature?

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