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This Upcoming Cydia Tweak Shows Just How iOS Folders Should Be Done [IMAGE]

The default folder system for the iOS platform leaves a lot to be desired, at least with the current folders in iOS 6. This is why there's no shortage of tweaks that aims to improve the iOS folder system such as Infinifolders. Today, we will share to you a revamped iOS folder tweak from the brilliant minds that made the popular Auxo tweak possible.

Revamped iOS Folders

Designer Sentry and A3Tweaks have once again collaborated to work on a tweak that will change the way how iOS folders work. The main idea behind the tweak is to group similar applications together in a new folder system. Basically, you swipe down on a certain icon and it will bring up several similar applications. For example, when you swipe down the Camera app, it will reveal other third party photography apps such as Instagram and Camera+.

iOS Folders Concept GIF

The idea of the tweak is that of putting 3-4 apps of similar type in one “folder.” You access these apps by pulling down on their parent app. In this case, the stock is the parent app, while other camera apps such as Instagram are included below it.

Details about this up and coming tweak is still very limited, even the name itself hasn't yet been disclosed. All we know is that it's being worked on and it will come to Cydia very soon. Considering that iOS 7 won't drop for about 4 months or so, it's quite exciting to know that we can expect a great jailbreak tweak down the line. We'll let you know once this tweak touches down on Cydia. [via iFans]

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