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iOS 6 VS. iOS 7 Speed Test: Which One is Faster? [VIDEO]

Apart from the new design and interface changes, iOS 7 is packed with hundreds of new features and all sorts of improvements. With all these additions, changes and improvements, it's only right to be concerned with how these affect the overall performance of the operating system. It's a good thing that someone has taken the liberty to compare iOS 6 and iOS 7 side-by-side and see which system performs faster.

iOS 6 VS iOS 7 Speed Test

YouTube user borsukTV has performed a series of test using two iPhone 5s. One runs iOS 6.1.4, and the other one is running iOS 7 beta 1. This is to gauge whether the performance of iOS 7 is faster, slower or just about the same as iOS 6. The tests that were conducted include boot-up time, app launching time, taking HDR photos, Maps app performance, and browser speed test using Safari. You can watch the iOS 6 vs. iOS 7 speed test below.

What do you think? iOS 6 was clearly faster when it comes to booting up but iOS 7 caught up fairly fast. For launching apps, iOS 7 seems to be a bit delayed in displaying the apps. However, this seems to be not an issue with performance but with the actual animation of displaying the app. But there are aspects where iOS 7 performs better than iOS 6. For example, iOS 7 seems to load some web pages faster. In addition, the Maps app is working great on iOS 7.

One can say that this speed test is too premature, about four months too early. Of course, iOS 7 is still in beta and it's going against a system that has already matured, so this isn't exactly a fair test. There are still tons of improvements and optimizations to be done. It would be interesting to see just how iOS 7 would perform once it becomes officially available to public. [via Softpedia]

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