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Finally, Auxo for iPad is Now Available in Cydia

The jailbreak community was in for a treat this year due to the good deal of awesome jailbreak tweaks released. Perhaps one of the most notable Cydia tweaks that has been released as of late is Auxo. This jailbreak tweak, which started out as a concept, quickly rose to popularity due to its ability to improve multitasking on the iOS. However, the tweak is only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and iPad users have been left out in the cold. But not anymore. As promised, the developers have now released Auxo for iPad.

Auxo for iPad Tweak

For the uninitiated, Auxo supercharges the default app switcher by replacing the old boring icons with cards, which gives you a preview of currently running apps, like a mini screenshot. Should you wish to terminate the app, you can just easily swipe the cards down. This certainly beats the tedious method of going into wiggle mode and killing each app one by one. Aside from that, Auxo have other features, like the redesigned Music Controls, quick access to toggles and more.

Auxo for iPad Screenshot

If you think Auxo has been awesome on the iPhone, you'll be glad to know that it's even better on the iPad. Due to the larger screen, the screenshot previews are larger as well, easily enhancing the overall experience. Auxo for iPad works both in landscape and portrait mode, unlike in the iPhone version where landscape mode is not supported.

Auxo for iPad Music

As mentioned, there is also the redesigned music controls with better playback controls. While in Music Controls, you can swipe left or right and it will give you quick access to frequently used toggles like orientation lock, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Location Services and more. Auxo for iPad also comes with a configuration settings where you can customize various options, like which toggles should be hidden or visible.

Auxo for iPad Toggles

Overall, Auxo for iPad is a great way to enhance your tablet's App Switcher. It is actually slightly better than the iPhone version. Auxo for iPad is available in Cydia for $1.99. However, if you have bought the iPhone version, you are entitled to a one dollar discount.

So will you get Auxo for your iPad?

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