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Quickly Convert Blog Post to Podcast Using Podcastomatic

There are days when you just feel lazy or tired and you opt to listen to text rather than reading them. Audiobooks and podcasts are made just for this very purpose. So don't you wish you can sit back, relax and just listen to your favorite web blogs instead of reading them from your screen? Well, here's a very neat web tool that enables you to convert blog post to podcast.

Convert Blog Post to Podcast With Podcastomatic

This oh-so-cool tool that we have for you today is called Podcastomatic. From its name, you can derive what makes this web tool so amazing, it's automatic. With Podcastomatic, you can easily convert blog post to podcast. All you have to do is copy the URL of your favorite blog and paste it in Podcastomatic's address field and click go. And within a few seconds or minutes, depending on the content volume of the blog, you will be presented with all the latest articles, neatly collated and converted into podcasts. Very cool!

Podcast Jaxov

To start listening to a post, you simply need to click a post the podcast will start playing, along with the appearance of basic audio controls in the upper-right corner. The audio controls presents one of the most glaring drawbacks of Podcastomatic. You can only play/pause the podcast and increase/decrease the volume. The seek bar has been a glaring omission which is essential for skipping/returning to certain parts of the podcast. However, you can remedy this oversight by simply downloading the podcast into your computer via the link provided, and listen to it through your favorite media player.

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There is another rather annoying downside to Podcastomatic. When pasting URLs, it will automatically load the entire website. If you want to process just one webpage at a time, then you are out of luck. You will have to search through the ordered list of entries for the webpage you want to listen to. Another drawback to this tool is that it will only read the content before the break. So for blogs that don't include the whole post in their RSS feed, this tool is reduced to just a voice notification update.

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In its core, Podcastomatic is basically an RSS feed reader with text-to-speech technology thrown in. From here, you can also subscribe to your favorite blogs via RSS. It does have its share of disadvantages which limit its functionality to convert blog post to podcast. But considering what it does right, Podcastomatic is an excellent and convenient tool to have to easily convert blog post to podcast. Go to to give it a try. [via AddictiveTips]

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