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Next iPhone Will Be the iPhone 6, As Seen in an Operator’s Inventory System [IMAGE]

At this point, the tech world has been led to expect that the next generation iPhone will be called the iPhone 5S. It is a fair expectation way because this has been the naming convention for every release cycle of Apple's handset since the iPhone 3GS. However, a new evidence suggests that Apple may have to skip the "5S" moniker and make the jump to "iPhone 6".

iPhone 6 Render

iPhone 6 Render by Martin Hajek

As you know in the past, the iPhones' name reflect the changes and upgrades that the device has in comparison to the previous generation. When Apple slapped the "S" into an iPhone, this suggests that the device will have incremental updates from the previous generation, usually retaining the same form factor. This is of course true with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S. When Apple releases a new numbered iPhone, it implies that it will be a landmark release as opposed to a spec bump.

iPhone 6 Inventory Leak

Now according to, they have received a spy shot of a UK mobile operator's inventory system which lists a "4G iPhone 6". The snapshot was allegedly taken by a Vodafone employee. However, the snapshot is so sketchy that it is easy to believe that this is simply someone idea of a joke in order to get attention and confuse the tech blogosphere. It just doesn't look that reliable and can easily be a product of an image editor.

However, this doesn't mean that Apple won't take the step of jumping straight to the iPhone 6. Apple is currently in a lot of pressure to provide a product that it not only new but innovative as well. If Apple releases an incremental upgrade to the iPhone 5, it's safe to say that many will be very disappointed. The Cupertino outfit is currently doing its best to overhaul its mobile software with iOS 7, as spearheaded by Jony Ive. Expect to hear more about iOS 7 at Apple's WWDC convention next month. [via RedmondPie]

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