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This Must-See iPhone 6 Concept Features True Edge-to-Edge Display, Dual Quad-Core CPU & More

If you have been a regular reader of this blog, you should know that there's a lot of concept designs that have been popping out from left to right. This is quite understandable especially when Apple is about to unveil its next-gen mobile operating system and next flagship handset in a few months. While these concept designs are mostly hit-or-miss, there are ones that really looks inspired but not likely to happen soon. With that said, here's a new iPhone 6 concept that will surely impress even the most jaded fan.

iPhone 6 Concept Edge-to-Edge Display

While the iPhone 5 may have pleased many with its larger screen real-estate, let's face it, it is pretty much like an iPhone 4 with a taller display. Some people think that Apple could only outdone themselves at this point if they release an iPhone with a true edge-to-edge display. This is exactly what this iPhone 6 concept is all about, a true edge-to-edge display along with other bells and whistles. Just watch the video below:

As you can see from that video, this is a very well-done iPhone 6 concept. However while it's grounded with reality, it's one that won't be happening any time soon. First, let's talk about the most attention-grabbing feature of this concept, the 4.5 inch true edge-to-edge widescreen display which simply looks stunning. The native resolution of 754×1296 with DPI of 333 is insane. So yes, at this point you should realize that this concept will take 5 or so before actually happening.

iPhone 6 Concept Edge-to-Edge Display_0
iPhone 6 Concept Edge-to-Edge Display_1

Now, what about the dual quad-core A7 processors? That's right, this iPhone 6 concept is powered by two A7 chips which makes it 4x faster than the iPhone 5, and twice as fast as the new Samsung Galaxy S IV. What can you say about the 20 MP rear camera with 8 MP front facing camera capable of 1080p videos? And there's also the fact that this iPhone will be available in 16GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants.

iPhone 6 concept specs

Another interesting feature is the touch-enabled Home button area which supports multi-touch gestures. Basically, there will be no more home button, the entire bottom area has multi-touch support which you can use to skip tracks, change tabs in Safari, and all the gestures you have grown familiar with.

iPhone 6 Multi-Touch Gestures

As if that isn't enough, this iPhone 6 concept comes with a design for the iPhone mini as well which is roughly the same size as the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 6 & iPhone Mini Concept

Overall, this is one of the most interesting concept designs that has been brought to our attention. The renders are beautiful and it does a great job of going into the details by providing detailed specifications and features. It's just a well-done iPhone 6 concept, and personally, I won't think twice to buy an iPhone 6 if it's relatively similar to this concept. However, we all know that this sort of specs and features won't happen anytime soon, but still, this iPhone 6 is a must-see for fans.

To see more of this iPhone 6 concept, go to iPhone-My.

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