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This Cool iOS 7 Concept Shows How “Flat Design” Should Be Done [VIDEO]

As you know by now, there is no shortage of iOS 7 concept designs that were created in an attempt to improve Apple next mobile software or simply predict how it's going to look like. Some of them were impressive while there are those that are simply less stellar. Well, if you are in the mood for another iOS 7 concept, we have to share another with you as it is simply one of best ones we've seen.

iOS 7 Concept Flat Design

This iOS 7 concept came from a website called SimplyZesty. They have rounded up some of the latest rumors about iOS 7 and made a stunning concept around it. They have managed to shake off the staleness of the current iOS but it still retains the simplicity we all know and love. In an attempt to make things look clean and fresh, the designer has forgone the skeumorphic design in favor of flatter look. Watch this cool concept below:

As you can see, this concept looks a tad bit familiar as it obviously took some hints from Windows Phone, especially with how the app icons and main interface. The concept aims to improve the native apps on the iPhone by stripping off its gloss and sheen. As a result, we have a flatter, simpler looking apps but still manages to be strikingly beautiful.

iOS 7 Concept Cleaner Apps

One of the most dated elements of iOS is definitely the lockscreen. Over the years, we have grown accustomed to the "slide to unlock" bar but it has barely changed over time. The concept breathes new life into the lockscreen by giving it the ability to display the weather and launch apps, and of course, there's the visual overhaul.

iOS 7 Concept Lock Screen

Another big change that were depicted in this iOS 7 concept is with the app icons themselves. The rounded edges of the iOS icons have replaced with a flatter design without any gloss or sheen. Yes, this looks like the icons found in Windows Phone.

iOS 7 Concept Flat Icons

To see more of this excellent concept design, go to There is still no guarantee whether or not Apple will lose the old skeumorphic design of iOS in favor of a "flatter" look. However, this iOS 7 concept shows that it can be done and it looks great and fluid. Hopefully, Apple does have something fresh in store for with iOS 7.

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    iAi8 years, 2 months ago

    Iphone ios 6 icons are better…
    Ohh… What abut the our old ios apps ? They get flatted too ?

      Patrick Gumban8 years, 2 months ago

      As stated, these are mere iOS 7 concepts which were made from ongoing rumors regarding the system. There’s no guarantee that iOS 7 will look like this. :)