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New iOS 7 Concept Aims to Improve Multitasking With App Previews & Scrollable Fullscreen Interface

Apple's next generation mobile operating system is expected to be unveiled this coming WWDC 2013. Aside from some rumors and speculations here and there, we just don't have much to go on in terms of appearances and features. However, this doesn't stop those with the creative minds from taking a shot on improving the current iOS functionality. Today, we have yet another iOS 7 concept design for you which aims to improve the stock multitasking interface.

iOS 7 Concept Multitasking

The default multitasking interface of iOS is fairly simplistic and dated. I don't know with you but for me, the stock multitasking interface just feels clunky. So we can thank various jailbreak tweaks like Auxo that aims to enhance the multitasking experience in iOS. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a better multitasking interface without resorting to tweaks?

Well, this is certainly the idea behind Ran Avni's new iOS 7 concept. This new concept features a revamped multitasking interface which is very much like Auxo in the sense that it utilizes app preview cards instead of small icons. Instead of limiting the multitasking pane to a small window below the screen, the concept features a full screen interface complete with a scrollable grid and what seems to be a spotlight search at the topmost portion of the display. Here's the video for your enjoyment:

With this new multitasking interface, you will have more control on how you manage your apps. One can say that it looks very similar to Auxo without the full screen view but maybe that's the point. Auxo is a very good tweak that successfully improved multitasking on iOS. Hopefully, Apple is indeed taking notes and have implemented a new way to multitask for iOS 7.

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