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MusicWidget: Double-Tap Music App Icon for Quick Playback Controls & Track Info

When people talk about widgets, most people would think about of those that are found in the Notification Center. With regards to other areas of the iOS however like the lockscreen and Springboard, it would take quite a bit of effort to configure widgets. This can be discouraging for many users, especially when you're not sure whether or not you'll like the widget or you need to temporarily disable it. Well for today's Cydia tweak, we have a music widget that you can quickly install and you can easily access and dismiss via simple gestures.

MusicWidget Cydia Tweak

MusicWidget is a new Cydia tweak by developer Samball. As the name implies, this is a widget for the Music app and it doesn't require heavy configuration on your part. Basically what this tweak does is that you're given a cool way to access your music library right from your Home screen via the Music app icon. To access the widget, you will need to double-tap the Music icon. The Music icon will then shrink and the widget will pop up.

MusicWidget Cydia Tweak_1

The widget itself offers basic information about the currently played track (only the song title, album and album art) and the most basic playback controls. With the widget's playback controls, you can quickly play/pause the current track, skip to the next one, or play the previous song in your playlist. It doesn't get any simpler than this. Because the widget is accessed with a double-tap gesture, it won't get in the way if you wish to fully access the Music application. To exit the widget, you simply need to tap outside the MusicWidget interface. If there's a caveat, it would be the fact that it could use more controls like the ability to fast forward/rewind a track by holding down the next/previous track button or perhaps a volume slider.

MusicWidget Cydia Tweak_2

MusicWidget is a very small tweak but it can potentially improve your Music experience. It doesn't come with any options to configure, so you can just install and enjoy. And before I forget to mention, this is a free Cydia tweak. Take note though that this tweak requires an iPhone or iPod touch that runs on iOS 6. MusicWidget is available in Cydia under BigBoss for FREE. [via ModMyi]

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