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Leaked Japanese Carrier Document Claims iPhone 5S Pre-Orders Will Start June 20

Thanks to the plethora of rumors and speculations, it is widely expected that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 5S. One of the most common questions regarding the iPhone 5S is: when is it going to be released? During the Q1 2013 earnings call, Tim Cook suggested that Apple will launch the next-gen iPhone later this fall. However, a new report suggests that the iPhone 5S will be available for pre-orders this coming June. More details after the jump.

iPhone 5S Leaked Document

A leaked document obtained by French website shows that Apple will begin taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5S by June 20, just ahead of the July launch. This document is reportedly meant for the employees of KDDI, a known Japanese telecom. While it is not a surefire indicator of its authenticity, the document is printed in a laminated paper which is similar to "the current product and pricing cheat sheets" used by numerous cell phone dealers and mobile carriers in Japan. However, this sort of document can easily be reproduced, so this could be nothing more than an elaborate fakery.

As reported by AppleInsider:

Written and starred in red is information for the iPhone 5S “new product,” which is scheduled for a pre-sale announcement date of June 20 with sales starting in July. Below the release dates is a notation for major feature changes from the iPhone 5, which in this case says the supposed 5S will carry a fingerprint reader, 13-megapixel camera and iOS 7.

The areas highlighted in green offer information regarding au’s current monthly plans for the iPhone 5, including LTE flat rate plans and family calling subscription options, as well as a cash back bundle offer for users of the telecom’s “hikari” home internet service.

The provided information by the leaked document does in fact coincide with Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference which is to take place from June 10 to 14. If the iPhone 5S is indeed announced during the event, it would be made available for pre-order the week after, which coincides with the June 20 date quoted in the document.

So do you think Apple will announce the iPhone 5S this coming WWDC?

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