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Think iOS Will Be Too Fragmented With More iPhone Screen Sizes? See What Android Has To Deal With

Over the past months, we have been hearing many  rumors that Apple is set to expand the iPhone's screen size. Just a few days ago, analyst Brian White has been hearing some interesting details regarding Apple's plans while he's on his tour of the Asian supply chain. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit is when he came across the information that Apple could release up to three different iPhone models with different screen sizes. These models could be the rumored iPhone 5S, the budget iPhone, and an iPhone model with an even larger display. With this, there are many worried individuals who think that iOS will become too fragmented.

iOS Android Fragmentation

One of the most prominent concerns that most people have with regards to Android is the platform's fragmentation. For the uninitiated, this is basically the increase of diverging variants of the Android platform that resulted to some devices not being able to properly run Android apps. This is also a problem for many app developers. With respect to this issue, many folks are worried that iOS might be heading down the same route. Derek Kessler, editor-in-chief of WebOS Nation, has made a tweet regarding the actual number of screen sizes of Android devices.

Android Screen Sizes

Yikes, that is quite a handful! The number of screen sizes is close to a staggering 30 which is both impressive and insane. So basically, an Android developer will have to cater to nearly 30 different screen sizes when they develop an app. In comparison to the iOS ecosystem, developers will only have to about four screen sizes, two for the iPhone and another two for the iPad. So even if Apple is set to release an iPhone with a different screen size, the number will jump to five.

Option is always a good thing to give customers but in this case, Samsung might have given way too many. However, the world sees that Samsung is doing good. So it's safe to say that Apple will be able to manage even if the company decides to expand in terms of device screen size. [via iJailbreak]

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    j8 years, 3 months ago

    I fail to see the logic here. All you have to do is make sure your app can be used on the smallest and largest screen there is. Everything else falls in between and should work just fine.The real problem would be the major differences in processing power that make some models unable to run certain apps at all. Then again, if you buy the cheapest hardware you shouldn’t expect to run all of the software in the first place…