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New iOS 7 Concept Features Quick System Toggles for the Home Screen [VIDEO]

As a jailbreak enthusiast, I have a short list of very essential tweaks that I install each time I restore my device. One such Cydia tweak is none other than the ever-popular SBSettings. The convenience of being able to access your most frequently used toggles via SBSettings is simply unparalleled. I'm sure many of you wished that Apple would implement this sort of functionality right off that bat in iOS 7. Well, someone does share the same sentiment and to take things a little further, he made a concept about it.

iOS 7

Designer Ran Avni has created a new concept that shows off just how toggles could work in iOS 7. Just like SBSettings, the concept design will allow users to quickly access their most frequently used toggles right from the Home / Lock screen. This saves the user the tedium of having to launch the Settings app and dig for their desired settings.

iOS 7 Concept System Wide Toggles

The quick toggles are accessible by tapping a new icon in the status bar and it will call upon a drop down window that contains various toggles and settings. Some of the listed toggles are Brightness, Music controls, WiFi, Bluetooth, Orientation Lock, Alarm Clock and many others. It is safe to say that these toggles can easily be customized based on personal preference. Check out the video of Avni's concept below:

While this iOS 7 concept looks good, it doesn't really integrate well with the rest of the iOS environment. There is also the fact that it completely replaces the battery percentage bar. To view battery life, you will need to launch the drop down menu which seems to be counter-productive. While there is a slim chance that Apple will implement this feature in iOS 7, we're hoping that this gets a Cydia tweak version instead. Indeed, this iOS 7 concept screams "Cydia tweak" all over it.

When it comes to the iOS 6, there is a good deal of people who thinks that Apple hasn't really flexed their innovation muscles for the system. However with former VP Scott Forstall leaving and Jony Ive taking the reins, we can expect a fresh, exciting iOS 7.

What do you think of this iOS 7 concept design?

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