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This is One of the Coolest iOS 7 Concept You’ll See [VIDEO]

At this point, there are bound to be some buzz surround Apple's major mobile operating system update, the iOS 7. There have been some reports that Mac engineers were pulled out of OS X 10.9 development, in order to serve as extra manpower for finishing iOS 7, which is rumored to be introduced in WWDC 2013. The excitement for the next iOS is amplified by the fact Jony Ive is on the helm and he's on the mission to overhaul the system's UI. However, that won't stop people from creating iOS 7 concept designs.

iOS 7 Concept Design

As of now, there is a good deal of iOS 7 concept designs to be found across the web. However, many of them are quite short and only showcases a certain element of the UI, which could leave any interested parties to want more. It's a good thing that today's iOS 7 concept video by F.Bianco has a 4-min runtime, which is enough to show off various elements of the operating system and how they can be improved. Some of the cool features shown in the concept video are as follows:

  • Camera grabber becomes a customizable quick app or toggle launcher
  • Swipe clock for quick access to toggles
  • Swipe SMS and iMessage notifications for Quick Reply
  • Widgets to access the most frequently used features of stock apps like Music, Calendar and Appl Store without actually launching them
  • Swiping the Settings app grants quick access
  • Download shelf for Safari downloads
  • Mission Control that lets you easily multitask and close all current Safari tabs

See the concept video for yourself below:

As you can see, this is a pretty impressive concept design for iOS 7. However, you will sure notice that many of these features are inspired by various jailbreak tweaks. For example, the quick reply feature definitely reminded me of BiteSMS. While I don't think Apple will implement most of these features, the company does take its cue from the jailbreak community, so who knows? [via iJailbreak]

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