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New Google Chrome for iOS Update Brings Fullscreen Browsing & Wireless Printing

When it comes to web browsers, there's very little doubt that Google Chrome is one of the most popular option. In fact at one point, it has overtaken Internet Explorer in terms popularity. After a long wait, It was only last year when Chrome was launched for the iOS platform. And in no time, it has become one of the most downloaded apps in the App Store. Google has now updated Chrome for iOS in order to add some significant new browsing options and features. More details after the jump.

Google Chrome for iOS Icon

In the newest version of Chrome (26.0.1410.50), users can now browse web content in fullscreen mode. The fullscreen mode is automatically triggered using scrolling gestures. When you scroll down a page, the toolbar or omnibox will disappear out of view and will only return when the user scrolls back up. This particular fullscreen feature is actually quite similar to Safari's implementation. So whether you are in portrait or landscape mode, you can gain a bit of viewing space which really does come in handy for small screen devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch. I can imagine though that some users will find the toolbar popping in and out to be annoying. Take note that fullscreen mode is only available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Google Chrome Fullscreen Mode

Aside from the new fullscreen browsing options and the usual dose of improvements and fixes, the new Chrome also brings the capability to print web pages either through Google Cloud Print or Apple's AirPrint. On top of that, you can now save any web page as PDF format, provided that you have a Google Drive account.

To update Chrome for iOS to the latest version, just launch the browser and there should be a notification below the screen. Or you can just directly open the App Store and update Chrome for iOS. [via AppleInsider]

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