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GifCam: Screen Capture Tool That Will Capture Your PC Screen & Save It In GIF Format

Here in Jaxov, we love sharing some neat software and applications, which we think is worth our readers' time. There are numerous screencast programs that'll allow you to record anything that happens to your screen. However, most of these screencast software will only save your recordings in popular video formats, like WMV, MP4, MPEG, and many others. The program we have for you today doesn't save your output files in video formats but as GIF files. Check out this cool screen capture tool.


This screen capture tool we have for you today is appropriately called  GifCam. As mentioned, this easy-to-use application will capture your screen activity and save it as a GIF file. If you are looking to specifically save your screencast as GIF files, GifCam is a good tool to check out. Upon launching the program, you will be greeted with a fairly simple interface. The empty space in the center is, of course, where the screen capture takes place. The at the right-hand side of the app lies the buttons Rec, Frame, Edit and Save. The capture window is resizable as well, just in case you want more real-estate. This doesn't get any simpler than this, which is good because it gets the job done with little to no fuss.

GifCam Screen Capture Tool

GifCam actually provides two ways to capture your screen activity. The first method is to do it the easy way by hitting the 'Rec' button and all of your screen activity will be recorded. The other method, which involves the 'Frame' button, is a little bit complicated. By clicking 'Frame', you will be able to manually capture one frame at a time. If you wish to delete unwanted frames, you can do so by hitting the 'Edit' button.

GifCam Options

GifCam will only save its output in  GIF files and nothing more. Fortunately, it also provides various options when it comes to the color settings of the output. You can save you GIF in color formats such as Quantize, 256 colors, 20 colors, GrayScale and Monochrome. These options can be found in the little arrow beside the Save button. If you want to start over and clear all existing frames, you can click 'New'. When you're ready to save the frames, just hit 'Save'. That's it! Check out my very own captures using the program:


Aside from being a breeze to use, GifCam is also a portable software. This means that there won't be any installation to bother with and you can take this software on-the-go. It's also free, so there's no stopping you to give this screen capture tool a try. I'm pretty pleased with this screen capture tool myself. Keep in mind that this software is only for Windows

Download GifCam for Windows [via AddictiveTips]

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