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Firefox 20 Adds Enhancements to Private Browsing, Download Manager & More [Direct Links]

If there's one thing you need to know about Firefox, it's the fact that the development team behind this prominent web-browsers has been quite busy. The last version Firefox 19 has been released over a month ago but it doesn't look like the Mozilla team is not slowing down anytime soon. Perhaps due to the competition presented by Chrome, Mozilla has decided to switch to a 16-week development cycle for its Firefox releases. Since then, Firefox versions have been steadily churned out. With that said, Firefox 20 is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download Mozilla Firefox 20

Just like with other Firefox rapid releases, version 20 is a combination of various bug fixes, enhancements and a few new features thrown in for good measure. Those who use private browsing will be happy to know that the private browsing feature has been improved. Instead of exclusively being in private browsing for all the opened tabs, you can now launch a new window for private browsing separate from your regular session, which is pretty convenient.

Private Browsing - Mozilla Firefox (Private Browsing)

The other notable change in Firefox 20 is the new and improved download manager. Instead of having a pop-up each time a download is initiated, you can now view and interact with your downloads within the browser's toolbar, bookrmar and history window. This is pretty similar to the download manager of Safari. No more annoying separate windows just to access your downloaded files. Another notable change is the ability to disable hanging plugins without having the entire browser hanging up and crashing on you. You can click here to see the complete change log of Firefox 20.

Firefox 20 Download Manager

As a long-time Firefox holdout, I am quite pleased with all the improvements and changes offered by Firefox 20. They may not be mind-blowing, but it is still reassuring to see all the support that the Mozilla team provides for the browser. While I also use Chrome on a consistent basis, I still find myself returning to Firefox. With the tremendous library of add-ons, massive community support, and more future features like the ability to block all third-party cookies, I can still see myself using Firefox and that's not going to change anytime soon. Download Firefox 20 using the download links below.

Firefox 20 Direct Download Links:

Download Firefox 20 for Windows
Download Firefox 20 for Mac
Download Firefox 20 for Linux

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