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BiteSMS 7.5 Update Brings Big Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes, Beta 7.6 Adds Quick Compose Widget

Whenever I jailbreak my iPhone, I have a list of jailbreak apps and tweaks that immediately gets installed. One of them is BiteSMS. Once you have gotten used to the features and convenience that BiteSMS offers, you will find yourself not going back to the stock Messages app. Despite its popularity, the developer behind the BiteSMS is not about to rest on their laurels as they continue to improve their popular app even more with its latest version.

BiteSMS Jailbreak App

When you ask most people why they like BiteSMS, the most likely answer that you'll get is that they love the Quick Compose feature. If you download the BiteSMS 7.6 beta version, you can use the Quick Compose Notification Center widget. This particular widget provides handy shortcuts so you can message your favorite contacts. As with the current non-beta version, there is a long list of performance improvements and bug fixes for the app, making it as fast as the native Messages app.

BiteSMS Quick Compose Widget

What's new in BiteSMS 7.5?

  • Big performance increase when starting up biteSMS. It’s now 100% the same speed as the native Messages app.
  • Fixed all issues associated with old messages appearing in Quick Reply.
  • Fixed all issues associated with messages not always appearing in the biteSMS application.
  • Fixed all scheduling issues.
  • Fixed iMessage multi-media Apple bug.
  • Improved LockInfo compatibility.
  • QC and QR now display the Delivered or Read status of the last iMessage in the previous messages pull down.
  • Inside biteSMS you can now pull down the keyboard from the blue title bar when you’re typing a long message and cannot see the bubbles anymore.
  • Fixed up a bunch of crash reports and all known reported bugs.

Remember, only the BiteSMS 7.6 beta version currently has the Quick Compose Notification Center widget. You can download BiteSMS 7.6 by adding the following repo:

Even if you don't want the Quick Compose widget, the number of improvements and fixes alone are enough reasons to update. [via AddictiveTips]

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