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Check Out This New iOS App Switcher Concept From The Designer of Auxo [VIDEO]

To say that smartphones can do many things would be a severe understatement. With the great number of tasks that mobile devices can do, having a good multitasking method is essential. In the iOS, people use the multitasking interface called the App Switcher. However, many folks seem to think that the App Switcher could be better. This is why we get to see brilliant Cydia tweaks, such as Auxo. Now Sentry, the UI designer of the popular app switcher tweak Auxo created another concept where he re-imagined multitasking on the iPhone.

App Switcher Concept

That's right folks, the creative mind behind Auxo is back with a new concept for the iOS App Switcher. While the App Switcher gets the job done, Sentry said it had inherent problems, like there are elements that “intrinsically adds a barrier to the experience.” This time, Sentry has made an app switcher concept that will enable users to not only get live previews of running apps, but also implements single touch, slide and release interface. Check out the video of the app switcher concept below.

Sentry created this iOS app switcher concept with this goal in mind.

To put simply, maximizing speed by minimizing inputs, allowing the maximum information. At the end of the day, it’s about being able to get from one place to another. Doing so with efficiency means instant access, with productivity being adequately informed. The less compromise in these facets, the better the experience.

As you can see from the video, this is another interesting concept. Being able to do a single touch, slide and release over the list of running apps is pretty sweet. There's the live preview, which shows you exactly where you are in a particular app. From the concept alone, this seems to be a very efficient way to utilize and navigate the app switcher. Hopefully, just like with Auxo, this app switcher concept becomes a reality as well. [via TheVerge]

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