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How to Hide Unwanted Google Search Results in Firefox

When it comes to search engines, there is no denying that Google is the undisputed king. However, if you are a regular Google search user, you should be aware of unwanted search results designed to waste your time. It can be fairly annoying and time-consuming. If you are someone who has experienced this annoyance, you will be happy to know that there is a Firefox extension that will enable you to hide unwanted Google search results.

Hide Unwanted Results of Google Search extension

There is a new Firefox extension called Hide Unwanted Results of Google Search. As the name implied, this nifty extension will enable you to hide unwanted Google search results by hiding results from certain websites, or just about any related content you've set. According to the extension developer, the add-on is serves as an alternative to Google’s now defunct ‘Block Sites’ feature that serves a similar purpose, to prevent websites or keywords from showing in the search results. If you're someone who has used the ‘Block Sites’ feature before and missed it, you can try out this extension and see how you like it.

hide unwanted Google search results

After installing the add-on, you will be able to configure a few settings from Firefox's Extensions window. The settings are fairly limited. In order to block the URL or regular expressions, you will need to click the Settings button. The Settings panel will also let you toggle the extension's automatic updates and access the Output Debug Information. You can also temporarily disable the add-on on certain websites by simply unchecking the sites from the Settings panel.

Hide Unwanted Results of Google Search will let you block just about any keyword, URL or domain from your Google results. This is rather helpful if you want to steer clear of highly distracting websites like Facebook or YouTube while working. However, the extension is quite limited. First, this only works on Firefox. If you're using a different browser, then tough luck. As its name implies, the extension will only work with Google's search engine, not with Yahoo! or with Bing.

Overall, Hide Unwanted Results of Google Search is a good way to filter your search results and save time otherwise spent on browsing unwanted or irrelevant search results. [via AddictiveTips]

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