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Auxo Developer Showcases New iOS Lock Screen Toggles Concept

Some of the best applications and products almost always come from good ideas, which usually take the form of concepts. Some of these concepts are worth looking into because they can sometimes provide us with an early insight into what could be the next big application, tweak or product. If you have been keeping up with everything Apple, you will surely have come across tons of concept designs and ideas from many different creative minds. One of the most recent concepts that turned into reality is none other than the now popular Auxo Cydia tweak.

iOS Lock Screen Toggles Concept

Developer Sentry, the one who designed Auxo has showcased a new concept. Unlike Auxo, which deals with the iOS App Switcher, this new concept aims to add some functionality to the iOS Lock Screen. Basically, the new concept gives iOS users a faster way to access their most frequently used toggles right at the iOS Lock Screen in the form of a vertical settings bar, which you can access by simply swiping from the right side of the iOS lock screen. To give you a better grasp of this particular iOS Lock Screen concept, it is best that you watch the short video below:

From what can be seen from the video, some of the toggles included are Do Not Disturb, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, Location Services, Personal Hotspot and Airplane Mode. If this concept indeed turns into an actual tweak, it is likely that the developer will add more toggles or at least, users will be able to customize which toggles to include. Much like SBSettings, tapping on the icon will disable / enable the toggle without having to dig through your

Overall, this iOS Lock Screen toggles tweak seems to be a very solid concept which could benefit from a good deal of polish. While the execution of the tweak itself is quite good and the animation is really smooth, the accessible toggles seem to be fairly limited. It could also benefit from added functionality aside from easy-to-access toggles like music controls. Based on how Auxo turned out, there is no doubt that the developers will surely add more interesting features to this concept, provided that it indeed becomes an actual tweak.

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