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Auto App Updater: Automatically Download & Install App Store App Updates [Cydia Tweak]

In order to ensure the best experience when it comes to iPhone apps, one would need to update their apps via iTunes App Store. Most developers see to it that they address the issues found in the apps, although there are times that the experience becomes worse after updating. While updating apps is a relatively simple task, it can become quite unwieldy when you have tons of apps in your iPhone. Keeping up with all these updates can be rather annoying. Fortunately, there is a Cydia tweak that will automatically download and install updates for your apps.

iTunes App Updates

The name of the featured tweak today is Auto App Updater, created by app developer Noppers. If it's not too obvious from its name, this Cydia tweak will ensure that all updates for any of your App Store applications will be downloaded and installed. The tweak will do so silently in the background, so it won't interfere with your work. Auto App Updater will check for all available updates depending on the time frequency you set. By default, the tweak will check for updates every 6 hours. This comes in handy because it can help you save battery life.

Auto App Updater also keeps a log of all the updates performed. In case you've been wondering if a certain app has somehow changed its look and feel, you can simply check the Update History since it contains the change log for each app. For those with limited data plans, the tweak comes with a handy Update on WiFi only option. This is a very good move for the developers because many users are likely not too keen on burning through their data plans.

Auto App Updater Cydia Tweak

If you are worried about installing  from certain applications, you will be happy to know that Auto App Updater has also taken care of such concern. Some apps like Facebook are known to break currently working features with each update, so most people hold out on updating and check for user feedbacks. This jailbreak tweak gives you the option to disable automatic updates for specific apps.

Overall, this jailbreak tweak is a well-made one. This addresses one of the most annoying aspects of having way too many apps. The developers did a good job of including features like the WiFi only update and the ability to disable auto-updates for specific applications. On the other hand, Auto App Updater is not exactly a cheap tweak, as it costs $2.99. But for a tweak that excuses you from the tedious task of updating apps manually, one can say that this tweak is worth every cent.

Auto App Updater is available in Cydia under the ModMyi repo for $2.99.

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