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Jailbreak iOS 5.2 (iOS 6.1) on Apple TV 2 Untethered Using Seas0nPass

At this point, it's no secret that the iOS 6.x untethered jailbreak is already enjoyed by millions of people. While majority of iOS 6 supported devices have been successfully, there is one device that is still left out from the jailbreak, the Apple TV. However, that seems to be not the case anymore because the FireCore Dev-Team has already updated the aTV Flash (black) to version 2.2 in order to support the latest iOS 6.1 (5.2) Apple TV firmware. Now you can use Seas0nPass to perform an untethered jailbreak to your second generation Apple TV.

How to Jailbreak iOS 5.2 (iOS 6.1) on Apple TV 2 Untethered Using Seas0nPass

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • This jailbreak doesn't support the Apple TV 3G. At this point, no jailbreak exists for the device.
  • In the 5.2 firmware, some of the more popular third-party plugins are not yet supported. Notable examples are Remote HD, Rowmote, Plex, and XBMC.
  • Make sure that you have installed the Microsoft .Net Framework (download links are here).
  • As mentioned, this is an UNTETHERED jailbreak. Just in case you've missed that.

Steps on How to Jailbreak iOS 5.2 (iOS 6.1) on Apple TV 2 Untethered Using Seas0nPass:

  1. Of course, first you will have to download the latest version of Seas0nPass either for Windows or Mac [Windows | Mac]
  2. Upon downloading the file, extract the contents of the archive to any directory you desire (i.e. Desktop). Double click the extracted application file to launch Seas0nPass.
  3. Open SeasonPass.exe

  4. From the main screen, click the Create IPSW button.
  5. Seas0nPass Home

  6. Seas0nPass will now start to download the latest Apple TV 2 firmware. Sit back and relax as this could be lengthy wait depending on your internet connection speed.
  7. Seas0nPass Downloading Firmware

  8. After quite some time, Seas0nPass will proceed by creating a custom IPSW for you.
  9. Seas0nPass Creating IPSW

  10. After successfully creating the IPSW file, the application will ask you to connect your Apple TV 2 device to the computer via USB. You will then have to place your device in DFU Mode by holding MENU and PLAY/PAUSE for 7 seconds (press down the buttons at the exact same time). NOTE: Power cable should NOT be plugged during this step.
  11. Seas0nPass-DFU-Mode iOS 5.2

  12. Once the device is successfully placed in DFU Mode, Seas0nPass will update some files and it will prompt you if you would like the program to automatically restore to the custom firmware. Click Yes.
  13. Seas0nPass-Uploading-Files

  14. iTunes will be launched and the restore process will begin. This will be similar to restoring to a stock firmware which means it could take a while.

Once the restore process is completed, your Apple TV 2 should now be jailbroken untethered on 5.2 (iOS 6.1) firmware. If you have any questions on how to Jailbreak iOS 5.2 (iOS 6.1) on Apple TV 2 Untethered Using Seas0nPass, feel free to post your comments.

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