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Apple Executives Discussed $4.5 Billion iPad Education Initiative with Turkey President

The Turkish blog Elma Dergisi reports Apple executives and Vice President for Education John Couch have paid a visit to the Turkish President Abdullah Gül to discuss several issues. The office of the Turkish President has posted a photo and a brief video from the meeting.

Turkey has lined with other emerging markets to utilize tablets in the Turkish education. As Bloomberg pointed out, Apple, alongside Intel and Microsoft, was among the companies making a bid to provide roughly 15 million tablets to Turkish schoolchildren over the next few years.

The Turkish government plans to spend about $4.5 billion on this program, which could push up Apple's presence in the market by a significant percentage. The aforementioned numbers are a reasonable explanation for why Apple has been pushing for the contract, even though negotiations are still underway.

Along with the Turkish tablet initiative, they also discussed the layout of the older Turkish "F-keyboard" on iOS devices, which has several keys in the wrong position. Apple also has been pushing its overall presence in Turkey, launching the iTunes Store for music and movies in December of last year and hiring for future retail stores across the country.

[Via Macrumors]

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