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Infiniboard v2.0.2 Released by Chwpn – Now Compatible with Iconoclasm & Overboard

As far as awesome jailbreak apps are concerned, one of the household names is Grant Paul, who is best known as Chpwn to the jailbreak community. Chpwn has made some of the best and most popular apps Cydia can offer, including such things as ProSwitcher, Gridlock, VoiceActivator, Five Icon Switcher, and of course, the fan-favorite Infiniapps lineup. Just last month, Infinidock, Infiniboard, and Infinifolders  updated to version 2.0 by Chpwn. These jailbreak apps have been rebuilt from the ground up for iOS 5 and iOS 6. And perhaps the most notable improvement is Infiniapps no longer has a hidden cap. On a related note, Infiniboard v2.0.2 has been released in Cydia.

Infiniboard Cydia Tweak

Infiniboard, for those who're unfamiliar, is a jailbreak app that tweaks the Springboard, in order to allow unlimited number of icons per page, instead of the default 12. With Infiniboard installed, your Springboard can be navigated like a scrolling list through swiping. More than a month after Infiniboard v2 has been released, Chpwn updates the app preventing it from conflicting with other Cydia tweaks. As expected, Infiniboard conflicted with similar Springboard tweaks like OverBoard (allows users to view all icons in one screen) and Iconoclasm (for setting custom grid icon arrangements). So, v2.0.2 fixes such conflicts, so you don't have to be forced to forego one tweak for the other.

Infiniboard Cydia Tweak Screenshot

Infiniboard is available in Cydia for $0.99 via the BigBoss repository. Needless to say, if you've bought the tweak before, upgrading to v2.0.2 is free of charge. Don't worry if you're in iOS 6, because version 2 of the Infiniapps lineup is now fully compatible with iOS 6. And now these tweaks are truly unlimited in the app capacity, they're now better than ever. If you're using Infiniboard before, then updating to v2.0.2 is a no-brainer, especially if you're using OverBoard and Iconoclasm. [via iJailbreak]

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