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Apple to Launch iPhone 5S and ‘iPhone Math’ with 4.8-inch Screen by June?

Citing a report issued by the Commercial Times, the China Times claims Apple will widen its iPhone models this year, with one sporting the 4-inch screen introduced with the iPhone 5, and another model called the 'iPhone Math' to feature a larger, 4.8-inch screen. All are projected to launch before the end of the first half of 2013. The aforementioned models are expected to feature 8 MP cameras, while a third iPhone model, rumored to be launch by Christmas, will feature a 12 MP rear camera.

iPhone 5S
You may recall Digitimes recently heard rumors of a bigger-screen iPhone, and this report adds another piece to the mystery puzzle. Sources claim shipments for touch-screen components and cameras will ramp up in March, with production starting in April, resulting in a staggering Q2 growth for Apple suppliers. Foxconn is expected to take 90% of orders, while Largan Precision was rumored to have received orders for 8 million camera lenses.

The rumors go further, naming Fikura, Flexium and Zhen Ding as printed circuit board suppliers, while Foxconn and Coxox will be the molding-part suppliers for the next-generation iPhones.

The above report is in line with rumors claiming Apple is working on a cheaper, low-cost iPhone. After asking their sources about a low-end iPhone, both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg confirmed it, claiming the Cupertino company is now testing a plastic and metal hybrid chassis, with the latter even having information about its possible price tag, forecasted being around $99–$150.

While the cheaper, low-cost iPhone rumors are gaining traction and project a bright year for future iPhone owners, it would be safe to assume the iPhone 5S launch will follow the iPhone launch pattern we've seen lately.

About the 4.8-inch 'iPhone Math': its name is so “un-Apple”, I wonder if this will become a reality. It could be a translation error, but the 4.8-inch screen sounds interesting, as it impact developers' work, and so far, Apple has been very cautious with new hardware launches.

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