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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Now Available for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch [iTunes Link]

After a long wait, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is finally available on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Rockstar has been previewing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the past few months as part of the critically-acclaimed title's 10 year anniversary. If anyone can recall last year, Rockstar has also released their landmark title Grand Theft Auto III on the iOS and Android platforms. Being the trailblazer for open world sandbox games, there is no doubt that there is so much hype surrounding the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for mobile devices.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Considered by many fans to be the best in the series (myself included), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has been updated just for mobile devices. This iteration of Rockstar's beloved crime simulator series adds various enhancements that make this title worthy of another play-through. The first noteworthy enhancement is the updated graphics, character models and lighting effects. It's Vice City in all its HD glory. Being ported to mobile devices, the controls have been revamped as well. It now has enhanced targeting that allows you to tap a target for shooting. Another great addition is the fully-customizable HUD which lets you to move and resize interface according to your liking.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City_0 Grand Theft Auto Vice City_1

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is also known for its awesome 80s soundtrack spread across the game's various radio stations. If 80s music is not exactly your cup of tea, you'll be happy to know that the iOS version offers custom soundtracks straight from your iTunes library. For Android folks, they should be happy to know as well that the game supports the use of controller.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City_2

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is one of my favorite GTA games, if not my favorite. I love the 80s backdrop, complete with big hair, pastel suits and big neon signs. The narrative is excellent as well, with its typical plot of "rising to the top of criminal empire" but with more characterization. The voice work is simply phenomenal and you can't disregard the excellent soundtrack along with the hilarious commercials and talk shows. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is definitely a masterpiece.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City_3

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is now live for the iOS for $4.99. The Android version has been made available for a brief moment but it was eventually pulled out from the Google Play Store. Supposedly, the game isn't supposed to hit the Google Play Store yet but it should be available soon. With Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iOS and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, fans have sure a lot to look forward to.

Buy Grand Theft Auto: Vice City from the iTunes App Store for $4.99.

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