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Check Out This YouTube Channel With All Steve Jobs Videos

Just a couple days ago, a new YouTube channel was born with a wonderful aim: to rebuild Steve Jobs' life, taking advantage of the biggest online media in the world.

Steve Jobs videos

Right now, there are 49 videos, but the channel is slowly filling thanks to great user feedback, and the authors recommend subscribing so you won't miss any video which is uploaded over time.

The YouTube channel's name is EverySteveJobsVideos, and it aims to become the channel where you will find interesting, maybe lesser known videos. Its video descriptions add more info and identify the period in which the footage was shot, such as mentioning Steve Jobs' age, and the location of his keynote.

However, this isn't the only YouTube channel we can recommend: you could also check out another great channel -- the name, Every Apple TV ad, says it all -- which has collected all Apple ads in one place, and now counts more than 400 videos.

With these two channels online, another piece of Steve Jobs’ and Apple’s history has been slotted into place. Get ready to jump into the time machine and see how Apple has grown to become the most valuable tech company. But if you want to "read" Walter Isaacson book through videos, here is another awesome website, which has about 250 videos with Steve Jobs.

Here is what the founders say:

The idea for Steve Jobs Archive came pretty naturally. As I was reading Steve Jobs's biography, I kept switching between YouTube and the book because so many of the historic moments described by Walter Isaacson are out there on video. The Macintosh launch. The iPhone presentation. The bouncing Pepsi caps demo made by Andy Hertzfeld in 1982. As I kept digging, I discovered more and more Steve Jobs stuff, some of which isn't even mentioned in the book.


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