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BlackBerry 10 Pitted Against iOS 6 & Windows Phone 8 in Browser Speed Test [VIDEOS]

As you may all know, BlackBerry isn't exactly doing great as of now. While the name BlackBerry became synonymous with smartphones years ago, its usage has dropped significantly, putting Research in Motion in a very unfavorable position. This can only be attributed to the rise of both iOS and Android which are both fighting head-to-head for the top spot in the smartphone industry. However, RIM is not about to just give up the good fight because it still has an ace up its sleeve. I am of course talking about the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS and smartphones. So just how good is BlackBerry 10?

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 is currently being tested by various developers in its Dev Alpha B build. The folks over at Gadget Masters have managed to get their hands on the Dev Alpha B build of BlackBerry 10 v10.0.9.1103. They took the liberty of pitting the BlackBerry 10 against iOS 6 and Windows Phone 8. This is not exactly a full comparison but instead just the device's web browsing performance. iOS 6 is being run with an iPhone 5 while Windows Phone 8 on an HTC 8X. Nothing too complex in these tests, this is just to see which device loads a website faster.

For the first half of this showdown, the BB10 Dev Alpha B test is pitted against the iPhone 5 (iOS 6). Both devices were using cellular data and are connected to the same exact carrier. Check out the video below:

For the second part of this BlackBerry 10 showdown, it was made to go up against the HTC 8X (Windows Phone 8). For this test, both devices are connected to a Wi-Fi network. HTC 8X (Windows Phone 8) vs BB10 Dev Alpha B test video below:

As you can see from both videos, BlackBerry 10 has managed to beat both the iOS 6 and Windows Phone 8. For the first head-to-head, the BB10 just barely beat out the iPhone 5 but it was clear that BB10 is faster. In the second test, BlackBerry 10 also left Windows Phone 8 in the dust, the latter didn't even manage to load a certain content-heavy website. On top of that, BB10 also scored a whopping 485 points in an HTML 5 browser test, making it the best browser among both desktop and mobile browsers. However, these tests aren't really conclusive and is hardly performed in the most scientific way possible.

From the looks of it, it seems that RIM has a serious contender on their hands. BB10 is definitely a huge step forward from the ancient BB 7/6/5. This may just be what the Canadian company needs in order to recover its competitiveness in the mobile OS race. RIM will be launch the BB 10 OS along with new devices next month. So be sure to keep an eye on it.

So what do you think of these BlackBerry 10 tests?

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