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Next-Gen iPad Mini to Include Hi-Res Retina Display [RUMOR]

Last month, Apple finally unveiled to the world the company's very own attempt to enter the miniature tablet market, the iPad mini. The iPad mini made the headlines and the reviews about the device were mostly positive, citing portability, form factor and battery life as some of its main selling point. If there is one glaring drawback to the iPad mini that customers and the media pointed out, it should definitely be the lack of Retina Display. Apple was criticized for going non-Retina with the iPad mini. The mini tablet's screen is described as “just a very capable display” by various experts. According to a new report, the next iteration of the iPad mini is going to include Retina display.

iPad Mini Retina Display
Apple's reasoning as to why they kept the 1024 x 768 resolution on the iPad mini, the same with the original iPad, is to ensure that all iPad apps will work on the mini tablet. By itself, it is indeed a very acceptable reason. According to a new rumor from China, AU Optronics (AUO), one of Apple's suppliers of 1024 x 768 displays for the current iPad mini, is already working on building Retina screen for the next iPad mini. The pixel density will be clocked in at 326ppi pixel which is the same with the iPhone 4/4S/5. The demand for a Retina iPad mini is so tremendous that the company is willing to bypass the usual waiting period before working on a sharper display.

Having a Retina Display iPad mini is definitely the next sensible step for the Cupertino company although its feasibility is still in question. According to the Chinese site DoNews, the new sharper display utilizes a technology that enables the iPad mini to have a smaller footprint. For the new iPad mini display, AUO will be developing a panel which will be using IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide), a Sharp technology employed to improve battery life without sacrificing brightness. Aside from that, the display company is also set to utilize Gate IC on array (GOA) which will allow for a thinner frame around the outer side of the display.
iPad Mini Black & White
On a related note, it seems that AUO has also addressed the problems with the yield regarding the iPad mini's display. As it turned out, the light leakage problem has caused the supply constraints. According to various tests, the iPad mini reflected more light causing more washed-out colors that the previous iPads.

AUO expects to begin the mass production of the new displays by the second half of 2013. So it is safe to assume that Apple will be adopting a yearly refresh cycle with the iPad mini. Apple's refresh cycles have been a main concern for consumers lately because the company broke the cycle with the full-sized iPad. This refers of course to the release of the fourth generation iPad, with A6X chip and Lightning connector, in place of the iPad 3 released back in March this year. According to insiders, the second generation iPad mini is set to be released on Q4 2013.

Will you be getting an iPad mini with Retina Display? [via SlashGear]

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