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iPhone 5 Touchscreen Glitch Found, Issues With Rapid Diagonal Swipes

As far as smartphones  go, the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5 is one of the finest devices out there and is definitely considered to be the best iPhone ever with its larger screen and thinner, lighter form profile. Though it may have initial issues like the new iOS 6 Maps and the ever prevalent Scuff Gate, reviews and consumer feedbacks have proven that the device itself is highly reliable. However as it turned out, there is a glitch with the iPhone 5 which hasn't been discovered by anyone before. This unusual bug lies with the touchscreen and is seem to found not just with the iPhone 5 but with the fifth-generation iPod touch as well.

iPhone 5 Touchscreen Glitch
A company of UK-based game developers called CMA Megacorp is the one who spotted the said glitch with the iPhone 5 touchscreen. As noted by the game developers, if you choose to slide your finger back and forth across the iPhone 5 display in a rapid manner, the touch input will eventually drop out or simply stop altogether. The said glitch also affects scrolling and swipes especially when you are rapidly scrolling diagonally across the screen. The said glitch was brought into the people's attention with a tweet from CMA Megacorp.
iPhone 5 Touchscreen Glitch Tweet

iPhone 5 touch screen bug? Slide finger back and forth diagonally on screen, input events drop out or stop altogether.

iMore has also made the same observation as the iPhone 5 exhibits an odd behavior with respect to detecting multiple swipes. While the device registers vertical scrolling just fine, it seems that rapid diagonal scrolling (about 45 degrees) will cause the touchscreen response to drop off. This behavior was reproduced on an iPhone 5 running native apps like Mail and Contacts, and even third-party ones like Tweetbot and Brushes. The same behavior was observed with the iPod touch 5 as well. These devices were running various iOS versions like iOS 6, iOS 6.0.1, and iOS 6.1 beta. So this suggests that the problem is independent with the device's firmware version and is only found on devices with new 4-inch, 16:9 in-cell display.

To highlight this particular odd behavior, Recombu made the video below:

It is still not clear whether the issue is software-based or it is something inherent with the touch-based layer of the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5's display. If it is simply a software bug, then it can be squashed with a simple firmware update. Otherwise, things can get a little tricky. At this point, Apple has no comment regarding this issue.

In daily use, this issue might not be a big deal but it can pose an annoyance when playing iOS games that are swipe heavy like Fruit Ninja and Infinity Blade. It is no coincidence that the one who found this bug are game developers. This definitely warrants some attention from the Cupertino company.

Are you experiencing the same problem with your iPhone 5?

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