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iPad Mini Jailbreak Made Possible In Just Over 24 Hours [IMAGE]

After going on sale yesterday, it seems that well-known members of the jailbreak community have already managed to make the iPad mini jailbreak possible. The iPad mini is of course Apple's very own version of a miniaturized tablet which is most likely an attempt to compete in the mid to lower end markets. So what is the most likely question jailbreak users will ask once they get their hands on an iPad mini? Can the iPad mini be jailbroken? With the recent turn of events, yes folks, it seems that the iPad mini is susceptible to a jailbreak exploit. However, before you get all too excited, there is a big catch to this.

Apple iPad Mini Jailbreak
The iPad mini jailbreak incident was brought into our attention by none other than MuscleNerd via his Twitter account. He even posted a screenshot of the said jailbreak which you can check out below. With just a little over a day since the iPad mini went officially on sale @Chpwn and @Phoenixdev have managed to find themselves owning a jailbroken iPad mini. That’s right, the iPad mini jailbreak was made possible in just over 24 hours. If you have read our previous report, the iPhone 5 was also jailbroken a few hours after it was available for sale. While it is certainly a good thing that newer iOS devices are being jailbroken so fast, there is a huge caveat to all of this.
iPad Mini Jailbreak Failbreak
MuscleNerd refers to both the iPad mini and iPhone 5 jailbreak with the term "Failbreak." So why is it called as such? Well, in order to perform this jailbreak, you will need access to a developer account. The jailbreak relies heavily on copyrighted files from Apple which is not possible to be distributed under a jailbreak utility such as Redsn0w. Otherwise, the legality of the jailbreak will be put into question. Even if you do have a developer account and have access to the said files, performing the "failbreak" is no easy matter and its likely to require superior programming skills. It is called "Failbreak" because the average person don't have much use for it.

But still, the fact that the iPad mini jailbreak is already possible, albeit limited, can still be considered a positive development. The jailbreak community can trust that these small beginnings could pave the way to a bigger, usable jailbreak solution in the future. It is likely that this iPad mini jailbreak could contribute to the foundation of the much awaited iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for all devices. But that is just wishful thinking on my part. Stay tuned as we keep an eye on the iPad mini jailbreak.

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