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iPad Mini Benchmarks Hit The Web

The iPad mini is now available worldwide, so it is time for some performance results. As expected, PrimateLabs has posted the first testing results this morning regarding the performance of the new iPad mini.

iPad mini
According to John Poole of PrimateLabs, he collected the results appearing in the Geekbench Browser -- five different iPad mini results to be precise -- to get  a result for the iDevice's performance.

Considering the iPad mini has the same A5 processor as the iPad 2, the results shouldn't come as a surprise (if you are not familiar with Geekbench scores, you should know that higher is better): the iPad mini scored 745, the iPad 2 a 781, while the third-generation iPad scored 791.

The above results come with a logical explanation, as Pool points out. When it comes to the iPad (4th generation) the situation changes. The iPad mini is, in some ways, half of an iPad (4th generation). It has half the processor performance and half the display resolution. However, the iPad mini is also half the weight of the iPad (4th generation).

Since the iPad mini uses the same processor core (the Apple A5) that's found in both the iPad 2 and the iPad (3rd generation) it's no surprise the Geekbench scores of all three are roughly the same.

Now, looking at the fourth-generation iPad's Geekbench results, the question becomes whether you want to have a small iPad or a powerful iPad. As the results show, the iPad mini's performance is less than half that of the iPad 4's. Yet, the iPad mini is also about 50% the weight of the fourth-generation iPad.

These are however just numbers, and while they have their own merit when it comes to purchasing, the iPad mini vs. iPad 4 decision is really about personal usage habits. Choose the one that suits your lifestyle the most, whether it's an iPad mini or a full-fledged iPad 4.

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