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How To Create Your Own Passbook Passes

Touted as one of the main features of iOS 6, Apple's Passbook is an app that remains to be quite unclear to most people, especially with regards to its usage. So what exactly is iOS 6's Passbook? What this app does is that it basically turns your iPhone into a wallet for storing rewards cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, coupons, boarding passes, and even movie tickets. The essential data of such cards and coupon codes are stored within the Passbook app, so whenever you need to use it, retailers will only need to scan a QR code. In this post, you will learn the best ways on How To Create Your Own Passbook Passes.

iOS 6 PassBook

How To Create Your Own Passes for Passbook

If you have only started using Passbook, here are 3 of the best sites that will enable you to create and manage your Passbook passes. Don't worry because these websites are very easy to use and require some minimal coding knowledge.


PassSource How to Create Passbook Passes
One of the standard features of PassSource is that it comes with many templates that can help you create your own passes. There are passes that are considerably easy to fill out, while there are those that require a bit of coding knowledge when filling out advanced information.
For example, when creating your Starbucks Card, you will have to choose the appropriate template for it. Thereafter, you will have to input your Starbucks card number, current balance and currency code. You can also do this step on your iPhone.
The interface of PassSource is very user-friendly and they are working quite hard to improve the service and make it more easier to create the passes. After all, the  website is still currently in beta. As of now, you can create an unlimited number of passes using the available templates. However, if you wish to manage your created passes, you will need to shell out for a monthly or annual fee.


PassTools How to Create Passbook Passes
Before you can design your own Passbook passes, you will have to register for an account. Right on the main page, you can choose from one of their 5 templates for different kinds of usage: Event, Boarding Pass, Coupon, Store Card, and Generic. You will then be redirected to the pass builder and see a preview of what your pass will look like.
What makes PassTools stand out is that the pass builder itself is quite informative, which means that every step comes with instructions and explanations. Many aspects of your passes can be customized to your liking such as color scheme, add text and location, and even add your own icon or logo. The builder can be saved so you can continue editing the pass later on. Once you are done, you can then send the passes to your email.
The user interface of PassTools is quite nice and easy to use as well. Another good thing about this service is that you are entitled to a 30-day trial with 50 total pass installs. After that, a minimum cost of $99/month will be asked of you which can be used to generate 1,000 passes. There are different packages to choose from depending the size of business that you have.


PassDock How to Create Passbook Passes
Much like the previous service, Passdock will require you to create an account before you can proceed to use their service. One of the best thing about this service is undoubtedly the number of templates that they have and it include many big companies. Designing you passes is a relatively easy task as you are given a rough idea on how to do it. You can even create your own template which you can save and use in the future. Your customized personal template can be used many times and a unique serial will be generated for each use.
On the designing itself, you can design both the front and back of your passes and by pressing the info button, you can see the preview. When designing your pass, you have the choice of going Simple or Advanced. Choosing Advanced will allow you access for more tools and options when designing your passes as compared to Simple.
After creation of your own customized pass, you can scan the given QR code and even share your works via various social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Using Passdock is free although if you want many API calls, you will need to sign-up for their packages with a minimum of $88 per month.


Passbook might be a new thing for most people but we can totally see that it can definitely take off someday. Using this app will certainly give your business a nice boost which is good in getting ahead of your competitors. These web services give businesses everywhere the ability to bypass the hard part of creating Passbook passes.

Any other websites that you know which can help create your own passes for Passbook?

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