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iTunes 11 Now Available for Mac & Windows, Download Now! [Direct Link]

After numerous delays, Apple has finally released the latest and greatest version of its desktop media player / manager, and content hub, iTunes 11 is now available for download. Back in the iPhone 5 media event in September, iTunes 11 was previewed by the company alongside the latest iPhone. The popular software was thought to be releasing alongside the iPhone 5, or even the iPad mini / iPad 4. However, the release never went through as it was delayed quite a few times. Well, the delays are quite understandable because Apple did put some significant work on the latest version of iTunes. More details about iTunes 11 after the jump.

Download iTunes 11

Upon firing up iTunes 11, the first thing you will surely notice is the new sleek, streamlined interface, which Apple sells as the main selling point of its newest software. The new iTunes interface seems to have a heavy emphasis on album artwork which is quite reminiscent of the iPad Music app. The new tagline reads: "Simplicity is a beautiful thing." That indeed seems that to be the case because the software is now streamlined and with a smart new system. However, there are still enough elements that make iTunes 11 the media software most are familiar with.

iTunes 11 Redesigned Interface

A completely redesigned player. A newly remodeled store. And even more iCloud features. The new iTunes looks easy, because it is easy.

The biggest change in the interface is the lack of sidebar which most iTunes users are familiar with. Content categories like Music, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Books, etc. can be toggled using a drop-down menu at the top left. If you don't like this particular change, don't be in a hurry to downgrade yet because you can always bring back the sidebar by navigating to View > Show Sidebar. Another very notable feature of iTunes 11 is the new MiniPlayer. It is basically a player that lets you play your tracks in a widget-sized window. You can click the Up Next button to see the tracks that are going to be played next. There is also a new In the Store feature which is basically a new recommendation system for any album, artist, or genre that you like.

iTunes 11 MiniPlayer

Another aspect that iTunes 11 has improved is Apple's own cloud-storage service, iCloud. With the latest version of iTunes, all of your purchased content like music, movies, and TV shows will now be visible in your library regardless whether you've downloaded them to your computer or not. With the all-new improved iCloud, you can now pick up where you left off whether you are watching a movie or TV show because iCloud will remember even if you switch to another device or computer. There are many other changes and features that iTunes 11 bring, if you want you can read all about it on Apple's official iTunes page.

iTunes 11 iCloud

In order to update to iTunes 11, you can update via Apple Software Update or you can download the installer via the direct download links provided below.

iTunes 11 Direct Download Links:

Download iTunes 11 for Mac OS X
Download iTunes 11 for Windows (64-bit)

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