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Download Top 10 YouTube Apps for Google Chrome

If you are among the 300 million internet addicts using Google Chrome and among the 800 million who visit YouTube each month, generating a total of 4 billion videos each day, then you may want to know that there are several awesome YouTube apps available to download in the Chrome Web Store.

Although we can recommend nearly all YouTube apps, we hand picked just a few of the best. These are the top YouTube apps you will want to have installed in your Google Chrome browser so you have the best YouTube video browsing and web browsing experience. Like any other top 10 list, this is subjective as well, but we tried to gather the best available Google Chrome YouTube apps from all categories. Enjoy!

YouTube Apps

Top 10 YouTube Apps for Google Chrome

  1. - This YouTube specific app allows the user to share his/her favorite moment of a YouTube video by adding a special button just below the player.
  2. With Justplay.Fm you don't need any other music player. Just add this to your favorite YouTube apps and all you need to do is open a tab, and type the keyword. The result will be a playlist generated from the videos matching your query. Hit play and enjoy!
  3. If you want to eliminate all the annoying information displayed on your screen while watching a YouTube video using Google Chrome, Turn off the Lights is the app for you. It fades the entire page to dark and you can enjoy the cinema effect while focusing on only the content.
  4. Among the most useful YouTube apps, YouTube Options for Google Chrome allows you to disable any annoying extras such as ads and annotations, while also allowing you to change the resolution and download all available versions of the media.
  5. We loved using ChromeTunes. This is a player that plays YouTube videos using Google Chrome, without the need to access the website itself, and it saves you from the hassle of opening additional tabs.
  6. Yet another great app among the YouTube apps for Google Chrome, is Search YouTube. With this you only need to type 'yt' and press 'tab' in the omnibox and you are searching YouTube without having to visit the site.
  7. With Search YouTube For a Selected Text you can search the most popular video sharing channel while simultaneously browsing a website. If you find something interesting you want to look up in YouTube, a simple right-click of the text selected and you'll have the results in seconds.
  8. VLC users will like this one as the best app among the top 10 YouTube Apps. Although VLC 4 YouTube is in beta, it works great and does an amazing job. The YouTube app displays the video in your VLC player using less resources and you can finally boost the volume up to 200%.
  9. Sometimes you want to hide all the anoying information from your browser and YouTube Apps for Google Chrome helps you do this. Hide YouTube Shit will boost the size of the video as well as let you focus on the media content only.
  10. Do you like ads? No? Then Adblock Plus for Google Chrome is the YouTube app for you. It prevents the display of ads, and lets you navigate YouTube clutter free. As a result you can finally enjoy a clean, uncluttered webpage while surfing videos.

This is our list of the top 10 YouTube apps for Google Chrome. Do you have a favorite YouTube app you already have installed in your Chrome browser?

Let us know your favorite YouTube apps and share the knowledge with our readers using the comments section below.

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