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Top 10 Must See iPhone App Deals of the Week! [10/21/2012]

Welcome again dear readers to another edition of our weekly top iPhone app deals. There are nearly a whopping 700,000 apps that are currently available in the iTunes App Store. So as you can imagine, it can be a downright overwhelming task to find the best apps along with the most awesome deals and discounts. Fortunately, we are here to do the hard part on your behalf. So in this post, we will be bringing into your attention the best iPhone app deals and discounts. You are rest assured that these are top-rated apps and are definitely worth your money. This is this week's Top 10 Must See iPhone App Deals!

Top 10 iPhone App Deals

Top 10 Must See iPhone App Deals

InstaFrame+ for Instagram

InstaFrame+ for Instagram iPhone App Deals
There is no question that one of the most popular photography apps out there is definitely Instagram. If you are using your iOS device for taking pictures, then Instagram is surely installed on your device. Now you can further enhance your photography experience by installing InstaFrame+ for Instagram, an awesome photo collage for Instagram. Build an awesome photo collage with 150 rectangular / polygonal layouts, 40 beautiful frames, texts, stickers, colors and patterns. Give unique effects to your collage with adjustable rounded corner, inner/outer margin, border, shadow and beautiful filters. Definitely one of the best iPhone app deals if you love tinkering with Instagram.

Price Drop: $0.99 -> Free

The Curse

The Curse iPhone App Deals
If you are someone who likes to give your brain some regular workout, then you should certainly love playing puzzle games on your iOS device. Should you be looking for a good puzzle game to pass the time, perhaps you can check out The Curse. In your quest to banish the Mannequin, you will solve over 100 unique puzzles spread across 10 puzzle categories which will all challenge your logic, memory and reflex skills. The theme of the itself has a nice Halloween touch to it, so it is perfect for the upcoming days. This is one addictive game which should really be hard to put down.

Price Drop: $2.99 -> $0.99

Sonic Jump™

Sonic Jump iPhone App Deals
Sonic the Hedgehog is considered by many as one of the most recognizable icons of video games. The character is the flagship character of Sega, and he pretty much represents the company itself. Sonic is known for his supersonic speed but in a rather strange change of pace, there will be no running in Sonic Jump™. As the name suggests, there will be lots of jumping instead. You can say that this game is a lot like Doodle Jump with Sonic in it. You can unlock multiple characters, explore 36 different levels, fight bosses and even compete with your friends. Sonic and jumper fans should definitely consider checking out this game.

Price Drop: $1.99 (New App)

Weather Live

Weather Live iPhone App Deals
There is no shortage of weather to be found within the App Store, in fact one can say that what's available are already far too many. So it can be quite difficult to find the best weather app out there because everyone knows that the stock iOS weather app is way too limited. If you are in search for the best weather app, then Weather Live should be more than enough. It is described as the "the most beautiful weather app" and it certainly shows. Your eyes will certainly be drawn to the beautiful interface of the app. But Weather Live is not all about the looks because it is loaded with more features than you can shake a stick at. iPhone app deals can't get any better than this.

Price Drop: $1.99 -> $0.99

iTeleport: VNC & RDP

iTeleport iPhone App Deals
We have featured iTeleport before in our past top iPhone app deals and now it has made a return. iTeleport is a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) that works with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With its intuitive and patent-pending interface, you can use the app to fully control your computer's mouse and keyboard wherever you may be in the world. This means that you can access and use any application on your Mac or Windows PC remotely. It supports Mac, Windows, Linux and all VNC & RDP servers. It is currently on sale with 80% discount so it is one of the better iPhone app deals this week.

Price Drop: $14.99 -> $4.99

Hack RUN

Hack Run iPhone App Deals
Have you ever wanted to be a hacker? Well, Hack RUN might just be the game that will let you experience the thrill of being a hacker without actually getting in trouble. Your mission is to hack your way into the heart of a mysterious organization to uncover their secrets. As you hack deep into the organization, you will discover new accounts or key information that will increase your skill level. THis is not exactly your typical game and is considered to be interactive fiction. It is definitely a breath of fresh air so we highly recommend this one. It is now offered for free so you have nothing to lose when you try.

Price Drop: $1.99 -> Free

Puzzle Quest 2

Puzzle Quest 2 iPhone App Deals
Puzzle Quest 2 is a game where deep and immersive RPG elements are fused with the addicting mechanics of Match-3 games. The results is an epic game that will keep you busy for over 40 hours. You have four character classes to choose from, you can become a Sorcerer, Templar, Barbarian or Assassin. Much like any other role-playing games, you gain experience, earn treasure, earn new spells and forge new equipment. Puzzle Quest is a critically-acclaimed series and the second installment is said to be the best of the bunch. This is one hell of iPhone app deals for puzzle-RPG fans.

Price Drop: $4.99 -> $3.99

Galactic Phantasy

Galactic Phantasy iPhone App Deals
Space simulation games are somewhat native only to the PC platform with great titles like Freelancer and Sins of a Solar Empire. This can be attributed to the fact that such games are usually deep in terms of gameplay with similar level of complexity in its controls. Galactic Phantasy (prevoiusly named Galaxy Pirate Adventure) brings the glory of space-sims to iOS. The graphics look stunning and highly detailed, almost approaching console quality graphics. But of course, it won't be a good without a good gameplay, which was fortunately addressed quite well here. Grab this RPG in space now while it is offered for only a buck. Definitely a steal, and worthy of this week's top iPhone app deals.

Price Drop: $4.99 -> $0.99

The Bard's Tale

The Bard's Tale iPhone App Deals
This is easily one of the my favorite RPGs, not for its engaging gameplay but for the fact that it is a very funny game. The Bard's Tale is somewhat a satire of most well-known RPG tropes. Instead of taking control of a heroic knight, you assume the role of the Bard, a womanizing, rude drunkard who is only willing to take a quest for his own selfish reasons. Perhaps one of the standout features of this game is the bawdy humor. And this is even made better is the bard is voice by none other than Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride). This is a full-featured RPG that will have you laughing and singing along while playing.

Price Drop: $4.99 -> $1.99

Dark Meadow

Dark Meadow iPhone App Deals
Dark Meadow is surely one of the most unique experience I've had in the iOS platform. It has gorgeous graphics, engrossing storyline and world that is so mysterious and horrific at the same time. Some parts are even injected with great humor. Horror and adventure enthusiasts will surely appreciate what this game has to offer, although I particularly dislike the fact that it has in-app purchases. I mean this sort of game doesn't need it, in-app purchases only ruin the mood and detract from the experience. With that said, it is still a high quality game that is worth listing in this week's iPhone app deals.

Price Drop: $5.99 -> $2.99

And that is all folks for this weeks best iPhone app deals! Anything in particular that you want to grab? Hope you have enjoyed this week's Top iPhone App Deals.

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