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iPad Mini to be Wi-Fi Only

While some sources talk about a sudden iPad mini case production halt and others show great iPad mini screen protectors, The Guardian says the iPad mini will likely come as a Wi-Fi only device.

iPad mini
In addition to that, the British newspaper sources point out there will be an updated iPad 3 compatible with the upcoming 4G cellular networks, courtesy of Everything Everywhere, and the refreshed iPad 3 will sport the new Lightning connector [sic!].

The launch of the iPad mini is imminent, with the tech industry expecting Apple to mail out invitations to the rumored October 17 event Wednesday, October 10. Apple is set to make huge changes in its product lines this year. So far it has started with a Retina iPad, then continued with a Retina MacBook Pro and a bigger, 4-inch Retina iPhone 5. So are we expecting a Retina iPad mini? Yes.

However, the smaller version iPad will only have a 7.85-inch screen and as The Guardian's sources highlight, it will be Wi-Fi only. This is so Apple can cut the manufacturing costs down, and will allow the company to manufacture an affordable iPad.

As multiple sources have pointed out, Apple placed an order of 10 million iPad minis for the holiday quarter and the device is rumored to hit the stores on November 2. But as we previously pointed out, the manufacturing process wasn't as smooth as usual with Apple's suppliers failing to meet the demand in the third quarter, causing weeks of delays. And the Foxconn strike, caused by the sudden rise of quality measures, wasn't too much of a help for the company's iPhone 5 supply or the iPad mini manufacturing process.

Now every eye is on Apple wondering what kind of strategy will they adopt and what price will the iPad mini be? Currently reports are mixed with some saying it will be offered for $249, while others mention a $349 price.

One thing is certain, the long rumored iPad mini is now in an advanced stage of the manufacturing process. Sonny Dickson has already tweeted a few images with the iPad mini connected by the Lightning connector to a charger or to his computer. This means Apple is indeed ready to launch a new low-end device that,according to some analysts, will surpass the sales of the new iPad. [Image credit: Sonny Dickson]

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