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iPad Mini Release Date November 2

Reading through the invitation's short message for Apple's upcoming October 23 event, "We've got a little more to show you", it is more than certain Apple is planning to release the iPad mini next Tuesday. But as usually happens before any Apple event, more photo leaks have hit the Web, this time showcasing the iPad mini display.

iPad mini
iPad Mini
iPad Mini
iPad Mini
ETrade Supply has posted some fresh images about what is claimed to be the iPad mini LCD screen. According to their measurements and testing, the display is almost 8 inches diagonally (interestingly enough they don't specify whether it is 7.85 inches or not; the widely expected screen size) and measures 162 mm x 124 mm. Another important piece of information: the screen has a 4:3 aspect ratio despite earlier 16:9 rumors.

The blog also posted new images of the iPad mini battery confirming previous image leaks showing a 4490 mAH, 16.7 Whr specifications. This website has proven to be a reliable source before.

iPad Mini
iPad Mini
iPad Mini

iPad mini pricing and sales forecast

Now, the question remains as to whether the iPad mini will cannibalize iPad sales or not. Analysts have differing opinions on this matter, with Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster forecasting a 20% drop in 9.7-inch iPad sales. From his perspective, the iPad mini will sell like hot cakes during the holiday quarter, and will end up cannibalizing about a million regular iPad units if his prediction of 5 million iPad mini sales indeed happens (1 iPad cannibalized for every 5 iPad minis sold).

But pricing will also be a key factor in this chess game with competitors: Google already has a well-priced ($199) 7-inch tablet that received very positive reviews. Amazon's Kindle Fire HD is also available for $199, and the 8.9-inch version for $299, so now we all are waiting to see what price tag Apple will choose. Gene Munster places the entry level (8 GB, Wi-Fi-only) iPad mini price between $249 and $299, which is an attractive amount for a content right, high-quality device.

iPad mini release date

So, for those who are ready to stand in queue for five days, we have some great news: if Apple follows its usual scenario of product releases, we can expect the device to hit stores on Friday, November 2. According to Geeky gadget's information provided by a major UK retailer, the iPad mini will be available in the UK and US on the same day, November 2. And Australia seems a pretty logical bet as well, so I am already waiting for the iFixit teardown.

But until the iFixit team flies to Australia once again to obtain the iPad mini well ahead of their US colleagues, I am counting the days to the October 23 Apple event.

How excited are you to see the new iPad mini unveiling? [Via ETrade Supply. Image credit: ETrade Supply]

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