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Install iOS 6 Siri on iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 4G [How-To Guide]

When the iPhone 4S was released last year, one of the most notable features that were widely marketed regarding the device was the inclusion of the new virtual voice assistant, Siri. Siri is definitely a neat feature in general although it does have its share of flaws. However, one of the most common controversy surrounding Siri was the fact that the software is only exclusive with the iPhone 4S and not with older devices. When the jailbreak community stepped into the scene, it was proven that older devices are capable of running the assistant software. Dedicated jailbreak personas were able to make Siri run not only on an iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G, but even in an iPhone 3GS. In today's tutorial, we will teach you How to Install iOS 6 Siri on a Jailbroken iPhone 4 & iPod Touch.
Install iOS 6 Siri
Apple felt that Siri needed improvements across all aspects, a matter which was addressed when iOS 6 was released. iOS 6 Siri contains all the much needed improvements such as being able to provide sports updates for leagues such as the NBA, NFL and more, being able to launch apps directly, and the software is just all-around more intelligent. If you want to enjoy the all-new improved iOS 6 Siri, you'll be glad to know that you now install it on your iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G.

Before You Install iOS 6 Siri:

  • You will need to have an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G jailbroken on iOS 6 (tethered as of now). To assist you, you can refer to our iOS 6 Jailbreak guide.
  • As a safety net, see to it that you make a full backup of your device so that you can protect your important data just in case something goes wrong.
  • This version of Siri is far from being official. So before you install this on your iDevice, keep in mind the risks that are involved. Follow this guide at your own risk.

Steps on How to Install iOS 6 Siri on iPhone 4 & iPod Touch:

  1. First thing we need to do is to have access to the essential Siri port files. Upon jailbreaking your iDevice, launch Cydia on your iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4G.
  2. Now, we will need to add a new Cydia repo. So navigate to Manage > Sources > Edit > Add. Once asked for the Cydia/APT URL, input the following:
  3. Siri Port Cydia Source

  4. Cydia will then update its repository database. Once that's done, search for the SiriPort (original) iOS 6 and proceed to install that package. Reboot the device after installation.
  5. Siriport Original iOS 6

  6. After rebooting your device, go to your and find the option for SiriPort.Ru Original. Tap the option and choose the Install Certificate selection. This will install the essential verification certificate to allow your iOS device to communicate with the Siri server.

And with that, you are done with the installation. You can give it a spin by invoking Siri and start talking to it or asking it silly questions. With this solution, you can finally use your old iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G to use the iOS 6 version of Siri. Take note that it may take some time before Siri responds to your queries. This can be attributed to the fact that your device is quite inferior, hardware-wise. In that case, just keep on trying until it works.
iOS 6 Siri on iPhone 4
This is most definitely not the most ideal solution to experience Siri, at least when compared to those that are found on new devices. But it should give you a chance to try out the software on your aging devices.

So will you install iOS 6 Siri on your iPhone? [via RedmondPie]

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