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Download iOS 6 Firmware for iPad Mini & iPad 4 [Direct Links]

Definitely, one of the most significant things that happened in the world of tech is Apple's announcement of the fourth generation iPad and iPad mini. The unveiling of the iPad mini was highly expected and did not really surprise anyone as the device itself is pretty much in-tune with the rumors that came before. On the other hand, the announcement of the fourth-gen iPad pretty much came as a surprise especially when the iPad 3 was released a mere seven months ago. Both devices are officially going to hit the retail stores on November 2nd. Ahead of the iPad Mini and iPad 4th generation's availability, Apple has already released the official iOS 6 firmware for both devices.

iPad 4 and iPad mini iOS 6 Firmware
Both the official iOS 6 firmware file for the iPad Mini and iPad 4 can be downloaded from Apple's own servers. We are not quite sure why Apple would release a firmware for devices that are yet to hit the market but those who have placed their pre-orders or are planning to get the devices come launch day, will surely be happy to know that they can now easily download the firmware from Apple. Speaking of pre-orders, if you are going to place yours now, we are sorry to inform you that pre-order units for the iPad mini have been completely sold out. So if you really want to get your eager hands on Apple's first miniature tablet, then you will have to visit your nearest Apple retail store, which is likely to have long lines.

The model designation for the iPad mini is iPad 2,5, while the latest Apple full-sized tablet, iPad 4th generation is iPad 3,4. As for the build number, the iPad mini is Build 10A406 while the iPad 4 is Build 10A407. If you want to download the official iOS 6 firmware file for any of the two devices mentioned, just use the download links provided below.

Download Links for iOS 6 Firmware Fir for iPad mini & iPad 4:

Download iOS 6 IPSW iPad mini (iPad2,5_6.0_10A406_Restore.ipsw)
Download iOS 6 IPSW iPad 4 (iPad3,4_6.0_10A407_Restore.ipsw)

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