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Apple to Enforce Stricter Production Standards To Address iPhone 5 Scratching

There is very little doubt that Apple is a company which rose to fame because of its insane attention to detail and undying passion to put out products of absolute quality. A statement which millions of consumers will likely agree. However, this doesn't imply that Apple products automatically equate to design and manufacturing perfect. Take for example the company's flagship product, the iPhone. Over the years, while it is touted to be a revolutionary handsets, each iteration had its fair share of problems which is always seem to be blown out of proportion by the media. The latest iPhone is unfortunately no exception. Many disgruntled customers are complaining that their iPhone 5 units are easily nicked and scratched. According to a new report, Apple is already starting to address this issue.

iPhone 5 Scratches
In an attempt to make the iPhone 5 the lightest and thinnest iPhone ever, Apple decided to use a certain type of aluminum which makes such feat possible. However, it seems that this decision made the iPhone prone to scratches. There are even customers who noticed cosmetic flaws on the device before it was even taken out of the packaging. “As soon as I opened the box, I noticed nicks and scuffs in the bezel,” as written by a user on Apple's discussion board, “I realize that at some point this might happen from normal wear and tear, but right out of the box is unaccepted.”

Apple made an official response regarding this issue. Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president for global marketing, stated, “Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color, that is normal.” However, it seems that Apple is not going to settle the issue with such a simple explanation. As Bloomberg reported that senior Apple managers told executives at Foxconn to ramp up the production standards, as tipped by a person who refuses to be named. As of late, it seems that Apple themselves are disgruntled with Foxconn. If anyone can recall, iPhone 5 units are severely lacking recently due to overwhelming customer demands which is said to be caused by an internal dispute within the factory.
iPhone 5 Scratches_1
So with Apple homing on the production standards themselves, this will surely solve the problem right? Well, not quite. While this will certainly make the iPhone 5 a lot more damage resistant, it should also significantly hamper production output. But it seems that Apple is quite willing to put up with their decision as both the fruit company and Foxconn are "well-experienced in dealing with such challenges" as stated by Jeff Pu, a Taipei-based analyst at Fubon Financial Holding Co.

On a personal note, I think it is admirable that Apple is acknowledging the issue at hand and is taking the necessary measures in order to address it. This is only another proof that the Cupertino company is indeed holding its standards to a high regard. If this report is indeed accurate, then it seems that customers who are wanting their iPhone 5 will have to put up some time delay before they can get their hands on their device. [via Bloomberg]

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