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Apple Is Already Working on iOS 6 Maps Errors, Fixes & Improvements Reported by Users

One of the biggest news that hit the media in the past months is undoubtedly the fact that Apple has ditched Google Maps and went on and made their own mapping solution, the new iOS 6 Maps. This is touted as a main feature as far as iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 go. However, being new in providing mapping solutions, it seems that Apple doesn't quite have the handle on things because there are reported errors on the new iOS 6 Maps which generated quite a buzz. While there are bound to be flaws and imperfections in the new iOS 6 Maps, the worst reported blunders are all sorts of inaccuracies which is simply inexcusable for mapping app. Fortunately, it seems that Apple is already on the case.
iOS 6 3D Maps
If you have been keeping up with the news, Apple has been quite apologetic with regards to what the iOS 6 Maps has turned out. The apology was delivered by no other than Apple CEO himself, Tim Cook. Cook stated that he is "extremely sorry for the frustration" that users have experienced with the new mapping solution and even added that dissatisfied customers can use alternatives from other competing maps. Cook promised the this whole map mess will be fixed and improved. And now, it seems that the fruits of Cook's promise are starting to manifest themselves.

According to 9to5Mac, they have received several tips from users stating that they have noticed improvements to the iOS 6 Maps after reporting them. One instance is when one user in New Zealand north of Auckland has reported that Apple has fixed a problem with the directions involving the highway exit. A screenshot was submitted depicting the said fix (check the screenshot below). Another tip was received from Uckfield, United Kingdom indicating that Apple has now fixed the location of the said town.
iOS 6 Maps Improvement
According to another report, Apple is also correcting the 3D capabilities of the new maps. Before, there are sections of the map where it will show that the landscape if completely flat, which simply doesn't look good. Now, there are various satellite/aerial imageries submitted that points to the fact that Apple is indeed working to fix the 3D content of iOS 6 Maps. Some of the reported areas that have reported improvements are New York, Honolulu, Hawaii, and areas of Los Angeles. As you can see from the screenshot below, there have been obvious improvements to the Statue of Liberty.
iOS 6 Maps Statue of Liberty
The process of overhauling the new iOS Maps is a task which should take considerable time to complete. So if you still see errors in your local area, then just chalk it to the fact that Apple hasn't gotten around to it. So it is best to wait for the meantime or better yet, you can report it straight to Apple as it may swiftly fix the issue. This is definitely a good progress for Apple and hopefully, the Cupertino company will be able to fix everything sooner, rather than later.

Do you notice any improvements on your iOS 6 Maps?

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