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iPod Touch 5th-Gen and New iPod Nano Now Sold in Retail Stores

Over the past weeks, it has been crazy for the tech world as Apple finally announced and launched its latest and greatest handset, the iPhone 5. During the iPhone 5 announcement, most eyes and ears are paying attention to the latest iPhone and it might have slipped from people's memories that the Cupertino company has announced an update to two of its most popular iPod models as well - the iPod touch and iPod nano. It might not command the same hype as the iPhone or iPad, but the iPod touch is considered by many to be a solid multimedia device. Folks who have been keeping an eye to the iPod model updates will be glad to know that it has now been launched and is now available.

iPod touch 5th-Gen
You got that right folks! You can now get your hands on updated models of Apple's iPod line - the iPod touch 5th-Gen and New iPod nano. If you have already placed your order, then it is possible that it has been shipped out already and is on its way on your doorsteps. For fans of iPod touch, 2011 was a rather disappointing year. But now the popular media-playback device is finally back with a vengeance, with enhanced specs and features that are head and shoulders above the previous generation.
iPod touch 5th Gen_2
Perhaps the most notable improvement to the 5th-gen iPod touch is the increased screen real estate. That's right, the new iPod touch features a bigger, 4-inch Retina display, just like the iPhone 5's screen. It also has a new iSight camera that packs 5 megapixels - 7x more than the previous generation. It can shoot 1080p HD video and also includes a better front camera for your FaceTime Calls. The new iPod touch also packs an A5 chip which significantly increases the device's processing power which will surely come in handy for playing games and other CPU intensive apps.
New iPod Nano
As for the other updated iPod model, iPod nano, it features a new overhauled design which actually looks like a smaller and slimmer iPod touch complete with a home button, iOS Springboard-esque app launcher, and multi-touch display. It is also capable of playing videos and FM radios. Both new iPod models will come with an all-new EarPods, an in-ear headphones which are getting plenty of good reviews from critics. Both are connected to the computer via the new Lightning connector.

iPod touch 5th-Gen and New iPod Nano Pricing

Unlike the previous generation, the 5th-gen iPod touch is only sold in two storage models: the 32GB is sold for $299 while the 64GB will be retailed for $399. Apple is also releasing various colored models for the new iPod touch, which goes to say that the device is more targeted for younger customers. It will come in six different colors - gray, white, pink, yellow and blue, along with a (PRODUCT) Red, which part of the proceeds will go to the Global Fund to help fund AIDS programs in Africa.

As for the iPod nano, it will only come in one storage configuration of 16GB and it will set you back $149. It is available in many different colors as well. Both models can now be bought via the Apple Store.

If you are not going to update your iPhone this year, or you have a different smartphone device but still want a good multimedia device with lots of oomph, then you should definitely consider investing in the new iPod touch 5th-Gen. [via RedmondPie]

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