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People Lined Up In Front Of Apple Store Five Days Ahead Of iPhone 5 Launch

Some Apple fans have a lot of spare time on their hands or maybe know a trick or two of how to stand 4.5 days in line while still earning some cash, I don't know. But thing is, with 4.5 days still to go before the iPhone 5 hits the stores, people have already started to line up in from of Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store.

iPhone 5
Also, Apple's newly redesigned Glass Cube retail store has plenty of incentives to attract new customers. So lining up there for a brand new iPhone and staying there night and day for almost five days could seem not so crazy for some people. Yet, with the iPhone 5 being the most expected smartphone (I can even say on a global scale) the reports are in and they are pretty amazing. The iPhone 5 is setting new records, with AT&T pre-orders selling out in just an hour. I expect the same report from Apple today, as the device was the most leaked iPhone ever. In fact, it featured every needed ingredient for the biggest ground-braking launch in Apple's history.

So, those guys out there in front of the Apple Store have secured their iPhone 5 right from the start. I am also planning to purchase iPhone 5 when it will be available in my country. How about you? [Image Courtesy of Forbes]

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