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Galaxy S III VS. iPhone 5 Drop Test: Which Handset Is More Durable? [VIDEO]

As a smartphone user, one of the worst things that we can do to our expensive, beloved gadgets is to drop them. Whether it's on solid concrete or a bathtub, dropping your handset is something that we all want to avoid. Unfortunately, it simply happens. Now it all comes down to just how well-constructed your smartphone is, if it is capable of surviving a drop without much damage and with its functionality intact. Today, we have another drop test for you and this time it involves the Apple iPhone 5 versus its current nemesis, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Watch the results of the drop test after the jump.
Galaxy S III VS iPhone 5 Drop Test
When it comes to drop tests in general, iPhone 4/4S’ design usually doesn't fare well especially when it is up against the Galaxy S series of smartphones. This can be attributed to the fact that the iPhone has a glass front / back design, which although looks great, it simply isn't the most durable build as it tends to get shattered even during low altitude drops. In comparison with the Galaxy S series which usually have a construction design of metal, plastic, and glass, which can survive drops with no problem based on previous drop tests. But now that isn't seem to be the case anymore, as indicated by this new drop test by SquareTrade, the iPhone 5 beats the Galaxy S III to a pulp. Watch the iPhone 5 drop test video below:

As you can see, this is not the most scientific test to be conducted. One can say that this is not even a fair test (as the number of dislikes in the video suggests). While the iPhone 5 does beat the Galaxy S III in all the parts of the test, there are things that make this test questionable. For instance, during the concrete drop test, you can clearly see that the Galaxy S III falls smack on its face, causing the entire screen to suffer significant cracks. On the other hand, the iPhone 5 was dropped and landed on its bottom edge.
Galaxy S III VS iPhone 5 Drop Test_1
In another test where household items are dropped into both devices, a 20 oz. beer bottle was dropped. The beer bottle dropped on the iPhone evenly, so it was a spread impact. On the other hand, the beer bottle that was dropped on the Galaxy S III landed on its edge causing a direct point impact which causes the screen to crack. It won't take a physics scientist to determine whether the test is fair or not. Perhaps the only test which can be considered fair is the water test where the iPhone 5 continues to be functional despite being submerged in water. The same can't be said to the Galaxy S III.

However, if you check YouTube for more durability tests, you will know that the iPhone 5's aluminum-based design is in fact stronger and far more durable, at least when compared to previous iPhone iterations. So Apple is worth commending for bringing into the market a more durable iPhone that consumers can enjoy.

So what do you think of this iPhone 5 drop test?

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