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iPhone 5 Leaked Videos Roundup

Have you seen any videos of the iPhone 5 yet? Well, the time has now come for video leaks: two videos have been published on YouTube, both of them showing the iPhone 5, yet they are two different handsets. And we aren’t talking about the color.

iPhone 5
The first one is a white iPhone spotted at IFA Berlin by GSM Israel, who claims that it is an authentic device, yet we tend to be skeptical about it. Although it looks like one of the next-generation Apple handsets, it isn’t the iPhone 5, not even a prototype. We tend to believe this is a fake iPhone 5 model that has been flooding Chinese websites in recent days, which sell for just a couple of coins.

The second video, of a fully assembled iPhone 5, was posted by Chris, who claims he received the device from an anonymous source. Indeed, the handset has all the necessary elements; however, the backlight is dark enough to blur the details. It looks like a stretched black iPhone 4S, has a full matte back made of aluminum, which looks great, but the best part of this video is when Chris turns it on and says it doesn’t have the dock connector, just the device. It’s kinda funny.

There are plenty of ways to create the perfect illusion of an iPhone 5, and above video surely looks like a visitor hunter. However, it looks good, and we would like to believe in this unibody iPhone 5.

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