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iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Sold Out in Just an Hour, Shipping Date Delayed to 28th

As of now, the world of tech is currently enveloped in the hoopla which was created by Apple's latest smartphone offering, the iPhone 5. Just in case you just came out of an underground cave, Apple has finally lifted the curtains of its latest and greatest smartphone for the world to see. Perhaps this is one of the most notable among iPhone releases because of the fact that the iPhone 5 is perhaps the most changed iPhone in history, with its 4-inch display and two-tone design. During the iPhone 5 event, it was announced that the newest iPhone will be launched on September 21st, and it will be available for pre-order on September 14th. Well, at least for an hour.

Pre-Order iPhone 5
Many of you have probably marked your calendar and set your alarm clock so you can try your luck in pre-ordering the iPhone 5. That's right, there is certainly a luck factor with regards to pre-ordering any sort of Apple product as you have to contend with a plethora of other eager buyers. This isn't really surprising considering the popularity of Apple products, every product launch is pretty much a phenomenon in itself. Most people would rather pre-order online than to wait in long lines outside Apple retail stores. If you are still looking to pre-order the iPhone 5 at this point, then you are out of luck because pre-order stocks have been sold out a mere hour after pre-orders were allowed.
Pre-Order iPhone 5 Online
Appleā€™s website started taking orders for the iPhone at midnight PST on Friday, September 14th. Apparently, the demand for the iPhone 5 is so strong that Apple sold out its initial pre-order inventory in just an hour. Because of this, the Cupertino company is forced to push the shipping date for the pre-ordered units. According to Dow Jones, the shipping times for the iPhone 5 were delayed, so instead of the announced September 21st, customers will have to wait a week more or on September 28th. Users who are not willing to wait are given the option to pick up their orders at a retail store on September 21st.

As mentioned, this isn't exactly a new occurrence with regards to iPhone releases. Pre-orders for the newest iPhone are sold out in just a matter of hours. This is understandable because placing a pre-order is the most convenient way to get your hands on the latest iPhone model. Unless you enjoy waiting in long queues along with hundreds of people, going without sleep, and taking special holidays from work just to get the latest iPhone model, then the best arrangement for you is to place your orders online and have it shipped straight to your doorstep. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done because you will have to contend with thousands of people who are thinking in the same manner as you are.

So were you able to place your pre-order? Or perhaps you would rather wait in line for your iPhone 5?

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