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iPhone 5 Jailbroken by Developer Chpwn On Day 1 [IMAGE]

One can say that one of the best selling points of having an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is the fact that they can be jailbroken. That's right, there are folks that are actually compelled to make an Apple product purchase just because they know that they can be jailbroken. Well, that is not really a far-fetched idea especially if you take into account the benefits of jailbreaking. As you may all know already, the iPhone 5 is already here and it is safe to say that a good lot of you have Apple's latest iPhone as of this moment. However, there are those who are holding back with regards to the iPhone 5 because they're not sure if it can be jailbroken. Well, if you are one of those folks, we have a good news for you.

iPhone 5 Jailbroken
Based on previous trends, it usually takes quite a good while before a new iPhone or iPad is jailbroken. In fact, each time a new gadget is released, Apple is stepping up their game which consequently makes it hard to jailbreak their devices. This can be attributed to the fact that each new iPhone or iPad sports newer hardware which add a new level of difficulty to the jailbreaking process. With the iPhone 5, along with its new A6 processor chip, it is expected that it would take long before it can be subjected to a jailbreak exploit. However, it seems that is not the case anymore if Grant Paul's (Chpwn) tweet is any indication.
iPhone 5 Jailbroken Chpwn Tweet
Famed jailbreak developer Chpwn tweeted a picture his iPhone 5’s homescreen, complete with its full 1136 x 640 resolution, with a Cydia icon happily resting on the Springboard. Of course, one would think that this is just an elaborate hoax and the picture was simply subjected to some Photoshop magic. However, Chpwn is a highly renowned member of the jailbreak community and considering his portfolio, jailbreaking-wise, if there are people who can pull this off, he is definitely one of them. MuscleNerd even retweeted Chpwn's tweet which goes to say that the jailbreak is definitely legit.
iPhone 5 Jailbreak Homescreen
However, before you get all excited about the iPhone 5 being jailbroken, this in no way indicate that we would soon be seeing a public release of the jailbreak in the form of a tool. We can only imagine that this is a very early build and there are tons of kinks that are still waiting to be ironed out. It could even take months before a public release because it is still going to be tested to oblivion. Of course, there is the fact as well that Apple might patch it right away with an iOS 6 update. There are still way too many hurdles to overcome.

But of course, the fact that someone has jailbroken the iPhone 5 hours after it was made available is definitely a positive and promising development. We are fans of jailbreaking as well, so we wish all jailbreak developers all the best with respect to the massive endeavor ahead of them. We will keep you updated as well regarding this iPhone 5 jailbreak.

So what do you think of the iPhone 5 jailbroken?

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